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Federal Judge David Katz of Toledo; ethically insolvent, idiot, accomplished bootlicker

Unfortunately, President Clinton nominated Judge David Katz to sit as a district Judge in Toledo in 1994 even though he was 

a celebrated moron.
On September 28, 1994, New York attorney and Chair of the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary, William E. Willis provided the following testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee as to Judge David Katz’s qualifications to sit as a Federal District Judge.
A substantial majority of the members concluded that he is Not Qualified
Of the 140 nominees submitted by Pres. Clinton, only 3 have been found Not Qualified
Sworn statement of Kentucky attorney Charles English as to Katz’s qualifications
  1. I conducted the initial investigation into David Katz’s qualifications
  2. The Committee has concluded that David Katz is not qualified
  3. This Not Qualified conclusion was reached after a review and interview of Mr. Katz, confidential interviews with 40 federal and state court judges, and practicing lawyers and law professors in the Toledo area
Mr. English went on to state:
  • Mr. Katz has almost no trial experience
  • Mr. Katz has not tried a civil/criminal case in the last 20 years
Judge David Katz’s most significant litigated matters
When asked to describe ten of the most significant litigated matters he personally handled, Judge David Katz responded as follows:
  • In 1980 I was involved in a hearing in federal court requiring a corporation to produce a list of stockholders (Wheweee, now there’s some heavy lifting, right?)
  • In 1964 I was involved in a court preceding that disposed of a statute of limitations argument (Damn, more heavy lifting!)
  • In 1960 I was in Toledo Municipal Court (misdemeanor court) litigating a case that involved a convenience store employee charged with violating Ohio’s Sunday closing law (Lord Have Mercy, just the kind of judicial experience we’re looking for, right?)
Judge David Katz’s inability to provide at least 5 worthy legal writings
When asked by the ABA Committee to provide at least five briefs or other legal writings that would prove he had the ability to carry out the analytical writing requirements of a Federal Judge, Judge David Katz was incapable of doing so. In fact, Judge David Katz had nothing to provide to the committee other than copies of corporate documents such as contracts, etc.
Final Conclusion of the ABA screening Committee on Judge David Katz’s qualifications
  1. David Katz has shown no evidence of his ability to perform legal analysis or do legal writing required of a Federal judge
  2. To place David Katz on the Federal bench is to put him in an environment which he has no familiarity or experience
  3. David Katz has no background whatsoever in criminal law
  4. David Katz has no jury trial experience
  5. David Katz’s participation in a few arbitration matters does not substitute for his lack of courtroom experience, all of which were of the settlement type and not of the evidentiary type
  6. David Katz’s lack of experience in the courtroom would render him in a learning posture for a “couple of years”
  7. David Katz will have to master the Civil and Criminal Rules, learn the Federal Rules of Evidence and acquire a grasp of their proper interpretation and application
And finally, the Committee said, “We submit that it is not fair to the public to place on the Federal bench one who lacks the background and will require a lengthy learning curve.” (In other words a certified Idiot)
In layman’s language attorney Charles English and the ABA Committee determined that Judge David Katz was a certified moron and more importantly a well-respected Dumbass in the legal community in Toledo, Ohio.
After the Senate Judiciary Committee voted “no confidence” as to Judge David Katz’s nomination (a rare happening), his nomination was sent to the Senate floor. Only after Senator Metzenbaum engaged in the serial twisting of Senate arms, was David "The Moron" Katz confirmed to sit on the Federal bench in Toledo. On behalf of all of Judge David Katz’svictims, I hereby wish to extend my sincerest thanks; albeit posthumously to Sen. Metzenbaum for his extraordinary disservice to the citizens of Toledo, Ohio.
Judge David Katz's confirmation only further confirms that a certified moron who is willing to act as a lackey, gopher and bootlicker for the Ohio politicians such as the late Senator Metzenbaum will be rewarded with an appointment to the federal bench. Patently, it cannnot be disputed that Judge David Katz positioned himself for this appointment by his willingness to become Toledo's poster-boy for bottlickers, apple-polishers and as my friends in Texas would say, an asskisser.
Judge David Katz assumes Senior Status
Federal judges are allowed to assume Senior Status after serving a mere ten years on the bench. Judge David Katz did so on Jan. 1, 2005, which was but two months after he was eligible to so act. Therefore, Judge David Katz is able to pocket $174,000 a year by working a mere six (6) hours a week. What a joke!
I must admit there is a silver lining to Judge David Katz assuming Senior Status. It allowed the President to appoint a qualified candidate, which was Jack Zouhary.
Since Judge David Katz is only 76-years-old as we speak and because he ain’t about to fully retire until Congress grants federal judges a 50% pay increase, I suspect we’ll being paying this buffoon (my apologies to buffoons) for the next 15 to 20 years.
And finally, its my understanding that Judge David Katz has been overturned by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati more times than a pancake at your local IHOP.

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