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U.S. Judge Robert Timlin of Los Angles; big time porker, ethically indigent


LA Federal District Judge Robert Timlin has digested more public pork than Jimmy Dean produces in one-year.
In 1994, President Clinton nominated Judge Robert Timlin to sit on the Central District Court of California located in Los Angeles. At the time he was nominated, Judge Robert Timlin was sixty-two (62) years old. I can’t imagine why anyone would nominate someone that was 62-years old to begin a new career as a Federal Judge, can you? Apparently, it was either ex-California Senator Alan Cranston or Senator Barbara Boxer.
Prior to being appointed on September 14, 1994, Judge Robert Timlin’s so-called work history is as follows:
  1. 1955-1957 – PFC U.S. Army (gotta be a certified moron to remain a PFC for three years)
  2. 1959-1960 – Law Clerk
  3. 1961 – Private Practice
  4. 1962-1966 – low level employee US Dept. of Justice
  5. 1967-1970 – City attorney for the City of Corona, California
  6. 1971-1975 – Private Practice
  7. 1976-1980 – California Municipal Court Judge
  8. 1981-1990 – California Superior Court Judge
  9. 1991-1994 – California Court of Appeals Judge 
Over the past fifty-five (55) years, Judge Robert Timlin has spent forty-nine (49) years porking out at the public trough. Judge Robert Timlin earns $174,000 a year as federal district judge. In addition, from 2003 through 2007, he has received $610,396 as judicial pension payments from the State of California. Judge Robert Timlin’s earnings for 2007 were:
  1. $165,200 – Federal pension
  2. $140,084 – California judicial pension
  3. $34,000 – Investment income
  4. $339,284 = Earnings for 2007
On February 1, 2005, after a mere ten (10) years on the bench, Judge Robert Timlin decided to become a “senior status” judge. According to the US Courts Administrative Office, the average Senior Judge works 6.0 hours a week.
Federal judges now earn $174,000 (ca. 2009, therefore, their wages would be (a) $15,818 a month, (b) $3,954 a week, (c) $791 a day, and (d) $90 an hour based on working eleven (11) months a year with one a one-month vacation.
Since Judge Robert Timlin is a senior judge and likely only works 6-hours a week (average for all senior judges) or 4-days a month, his wages at $174,000 a year would be $5,299 per day for each day worked for an hourly rate of $603.
If Congress gives the federal judiciary a 50% pay increase, then Judge Robert Timlin’s daily wage would increase to $7,259 for each day worked for an hourly rate of $904. With a 50% pay increase, Judge Robert Timlin would be able to collect a federal pension of at least $261,000 and a California pension of $150,000. Therefore, when Judge Robert Timlin retires from the federal bench his annual pensions will likely total at least $410,000.
Now, I’ve got a lot of attorney friends in Ohio, Florida, Michigan and here in California who are likely asking themselves, how in the hell do I get in on this gravy train? Well boys and girls, there’s several things ya gotta be willing to do, a few of which are listed below.
  1. Be willing to set aside 5% of your weekly income to defray the costs of purchasing ChapStick
  2. If ya can’t afford the daily costs of ChapStick, then purchase a pair of heavy-duty kneepads
  3. Be willing to act as a lackey and gopher for the local political hacks
  4. Be willing to become an accomplished bootlicker and apple-polisher
  5. Purchase and diligently read a copy of “Brown Nosing 101”
  6. Must be capable of treating judicial oath of office with total disdain and contempt
  7. And most importantly, be willing to consistently issue rulings that benefit your benefactors
If ya are willing to follow these simple rules, ya just might be able to pig-out at the public trough just like the Honorable Judge Robert Timlin. Would that like be cool or what? Good luck boys and girls!

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