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Denver Federal Appeals Court Judge Terrence O’Brien, pompous ingrate, ethical elf

10th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Terrence “The Ingrate” O’Brien believes the federal treasury is his own personal piggy bank.
Unfortunately, George W. appointed Judge Terrence “The Moron” O’Brien to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver in 2001. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the U.S. Senate confirmed this loser in April 2002.
Prior to his appointment to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Terrence O’Brien spent twenty (20) years porking out as a state judge in Wyoming. As a result, the hardworking and overtaxed citizens of Wyoming, Judge Terrence “The Moron” O’Brien receives a lifelong pension that paid him $26,662 in 2007.
After assuming the judicial throne in Denver in 2002, Judge Terrence O’Brien ordered that $79,844 of taxpayer money (that’d be your money folks!) be spent to remodel his office in the federal building in Denver.
Judge Terrence O’Brien then ordered that another $125,427 of your money be spent to remodel a new office in a different building that was located nearby.
In addition, the flunkies, enablers and apologists working at the United States General Services Administration agreed to pay $9,725.34 a month to rent the new digs for the His Highness Terrence O’Brien.
Judge Terrence O’Brien, a celebrated ethical dwarf, also finds it acceptable to accept gifts from multi-millionaire businessmen and/or well-heeled attorneys, some of which have a vested interest in the decision he renders. In 2004 and 2005, Judge Terrence O’Brien accepted gifts valued at $11,700 from Curtis and Mariann Rochelle and attorney April Brimmer Kunz, all of who do business within the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Examples of the gifts are:
  1. $1500 – birthday and Christmas gifts (wallet, tie, cuff links, meals)
  2. $5,000 – vacation trip to Peru
  3. $2,000 – for a clock
  4. $2,600 – for trees
  5. $600 – for a jacket
In 2006/2007, Judge Terrence O’Brien accepted another $30,867 in gifts from the same folks, which are as follows:
  1. $12,018 – vacation to Tanzania and meals in Hawaii
  2. $8,300 – vacation to Peru and Cruise thru Panama Canal and Caribbean
  3. $5,663 – vacation to Africa and airfare to Hawaii
  4. $2,300 – air fare to Costa Rica and Miami
  5. $2,200 – Christmas and birthday gifts
  6. $786 – airfare to Phoenix (3 flights)
Why would anyone agree to fund vacations and purchase gifts for a Federal Appeals Court Judge to the tune of over $25,000 if they weren’t looking for something in return? In my experience, that something is usually a favorable ruling.
And this certified ethical leper-con earns $184,500 a year compliment of America’s overtaxed citizens. Compare this outrageous and clearly undeserved annual salary to the $36,495 median income for a family of two in Wyoming (ca. 2008-2009). 
And despite this unconscionable salary, enablers and apologist for the federal judiciary are demanding a wage increase of 50% or more. If this happened, Judge Terrence O’Brien would earn over $270,000 a year for the so-called services he provides to citizens residing in the area serviced by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.
I’m confident that an ethical federal judge who was truly concerned about serving the public interest would never and I mean never even consider engaging in the despicable conduct that the Dishonorable Judge Terrence O’Brien has engaged in since 2002. I suspect that the total costs to the taxpayers as a result of Judge Terrence O’Brien’s appointment to the bench from 2002 to date is well in excess of $3.5 million, which is about $500,000 a year. This is a rather princely sum for the taxpayers to spend annually on an ethical dwarf, right?

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