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Appeal Judge Robert Blair of Ontario, CA; ingrate, moron, ethical dwarf


Judge Robert Blair of Ontario, Canada is yet another ungrateful moron who actually believes he and his cohorts on the bench are woefully underpaid.

In the recent past, Judge Robert Blair and his cadre of enablers and apologists demanded that they receive a salary hike that would pay most of them over $322,767 Canadian ($300,000 U.S.) per year.
Judge Robert Blair and his ungrateful comrades are now paid around $290,000 Canadian ($270,000 US) per year. This outlandish and undeserved income places Canadian judges in the position of being the highest paid profession in the United States of Canada.
When the Commission that sets judicial salaries in Canada refused to provide a 18% increase in one year, Judge Robert “The Moron” Blair had the audacity to state that “we are quite disappointed about that because we are concerned about the implications for the continued integrity of the independent commission process that has been set up and that is so important in preserving judicial independence.” (Lawyers Weekly)
Did you get that folks? Judge Robert “The Ingrate” Blair claims that “judicial independence” (ability to render fair and equitable rulings without undue influence from others) would be impaired if he and his loser-cohorts weren’t paid over $300,000 a year.
When the average Canadian that actually works for a living earns about $55,000 a year, does anybody really give a damn if ol’ Bobby is “disappointed?” If Judge Robert “The Moron” Blair is so “disappointed, then why doesn’t he just do everyone in Toronto a favor and quit?
The only reason “Judge Robert “The Ingrate” Blair doesn’t quit is because he did he would no longer be a member of the highest paid profession in Canada. And if he did quit, he’d be quite lucky if he was able to dupe the Wal-Mart store located at 2525 St. Clair Avenue in Toronto to hire him as a “greeter.” After all, even Wal-Mart has ethical and intellectual standards if ya know what I mean.

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