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Ohio Legislators give a bad name to stealing from the blind


Ohio’s esteemed legislators were recently caught with their grimy hands in a publicly funded “cookie jar” containing millions set aside to prevent blindness.
 In a “sleight-of-hand” that would have made Bernie Madoff blush, Ohio’s ethically impaired legislators made off with $2.7 million paid by Ohio motorists to prevent blindness and promote organ donations.
Good-hearted Ohioans would donate $1 for these programs when applying for or renewing their licenses. (Columbus Dispatch – Joe Hallett – 8/21/09)
And what did our esteemed legislators do with this $2.7? Well folks they dumped into the general fund in order to reduce the state’s budget deficit, that’s what they did. Of course they didn’t issue a press release when they so acted. And moreover, they surely didn’t take any steps to inform the donors of how they planned to misuse their contributions.
Of course if they had issued a press release or informed the donors prior to taking this unconscionable act, you can rest assured they would have been duly pilloried by the press and all of the Ohioans who made individual contributions.
To prove that they aren’t just a bunch of cold-hearted losers, the legislators did display a semblance of charity when they refused to return about $100,000 to the general fund representing that provides for operating accounts for the Ohio Republican and Democratic parties. This money comes from Ohioans as a $1 state income-tax check-off.

An unreliable source indicated that Speaker of the House Armond Budish and Senate Majority Leader Bill Harris led a chorus of “Charity starts at home” at the statehouse when they decided the $100,000 was sacrosanct in contrast to the money for the blind.
This deplorable conduct is further confirmation that the vast majority of Ohio’s legislators are ethically and/or intellectually deprived.
Isn’t Ohio a wonderful country? Praise the Lord and Pass the Hat one more time!

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