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Attorney Muhammad Hafiz Abdul Rashid of Malaysia; loser

Muhammad and his law firm are embroiled in an acrimonious divorce dispute in which a beauty boutique operator has been accused by her husband of being a man. That’s right folks! The husband believes that his wife is actually just one of the guys.
Muhammad who represents the confused husband filed a $3.1 million claim filed against him for allegedly defaming the boutique operator, Sri Wani Choo Abdullah as she appeared at a closed-door hearing about her gender at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.
Abdullah has accused Muhammad and his law firm of making a defamatory statement about her to the media in April 2012 that was then circulated through local newspapers. Muhammad was further accused of posting statements about his client’s wife on You Tube under the title Isteriku Ielaki (My wife is a Man).
It appears that Abdullah’s husband Dr. Bahrom Sanugi is genuinely suspicious of the gender of Abdullah, his third wife. It’s pretty obvious that Dr. Sanugi isn’t a practicing gynecologist. Is it possible that he's a practicing proctologist?
The pair were married in Thailand in 2009, one year before Sanugi, 61 accused her of being a man and filed a request in the Syariah High Court to force her to undergo a DNA test. Seems to me that Sanugi should be required to take an I.Q. test if it took him one year to figure out his wife was a man. To be fair to Sanugi, maybe he is farsighted!
Abdullah’s aunt claims she “bathed her as a child” and knows she’s not a man. The aunt went on to say, Abdullah “is a woman” and “will forever be one.”
There is no indication yet that Muhammad has been charged with any ethics violations. The defamation lawsuit against Muhammad and his law firm has yet to go to trial. The trial itself should resolve the question of what “end is up.”

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