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Former Judge Robert Ionta of Gallup, NM; pervert, loser


The state of New Mexico presented Robert W. Ionta with a law license in 1969 after he graduated from Cornell University School of Law. Bobby also received a license to practice law in Michigan in 1969 and with the Zuni Tribal Court in 1989.


The New Mexico Judicial Standards Commission found Bobby guilty of engaging in the following misconduct.

  • While in his chambers during regular work hours, Bobby viewed pornography on an electronic device at a volume high enough that anyone walking by his office could hear
  • While participating in a Google Meet virtual meeting that included judicial employees and members of the public, Bobby viewed pornography at a volume high enough that other participants could hear, until a court clerk muted his microphone
  • Failed to complete harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention training by the required deadline (What possible good would that have done?)
  • Had a firearm on top of his desk in chambers, pointing at the door and clearly visible to employees walking by or entering his chambers
  • Told a court clerk word to the effect that he was “going to kill” a public defender who appeared before him that day
  • Regularly failed to attend court the 40 hours a week required by statute and New Mexico Supreme Court order
  • Failed to wear a protective face covering at all times while on court premises and told attorneys appearing before him for trial that they did not need to wear masks during proceedings, contrary to the New Mexico Supreme Court’s COVID-19 order
  • During an active fire alarm, failed to follow the court’s evacuation procedure, went directly to his personal vehicle, left for the remainder of the day, refused to return after the alarm ended approximately 15 minutes later even though he had arraignments scheduled
  • Failed to ensure coverage of his docket
  • Told an African American female attorney from the public defender’s office that a firm for which he had previously worked had hired a “token” black secretary when they could not find a “token” black attorney
  • Told a Public Defender supervisor if a certain attorney did not come to the phone, he “may have an issue presiding over her cases in the future”
  • On multiple occasions, Bobby threw case files on the floor after he worked with them, necessitating that the female clerks pick them up from the floor
  • At least one female clerk uncomfortable because she did not want to pick up files in front of the judge if she was wearing a dress
  • Slept and/or appeared to be sleeping during a preliminary hearing
  • Failed to respond to an assistant district attorney’s objection until she raised her voice
  • During one weekend, Bobby went out of town and was unavailable even though he was the assigned on-call judge, resulting in an arrest warrant not being signed
  • Following a trial, Bobby left the courthouse in his vehicle with a female deputy district attorney through the secured private entrance in view of the defendant and his attorney
  • Failed to cooperate with the chief judge
  • Left the courthouse at 10 a.m. one day and failed to return after being specifically directed by the chief judge to be at the courthouse for 40 hours a week
  • Argued with the chief judge that he did not believe he was required to be at the courthouse for 40 hours a week (expected to be paid for 40 hours)
  • Was impatient, undignified, and discourteous during arraignments held via Google Meets
  • Told one defendant during a Google Meet, “I don’t know where the hell your attorney is at,” telling the defendant to shut up and get off the hearing
  • Told another defendant during Google Meet “That’s your typical habitual asshole”
  • In three matters, Bobby to sign one affidavit for arrest warrant, was unavailable to sign another, and signed a warrant without swearing the officer in
  • Signed the wrong papers
  • Left the courthouse without ensuring that the paperwork he signed was correct, which required the police officer to leave and return with clean copies of the warrant for another judge to sign

As a direct consequence of his misconduct, the New Mexico Supreme Court order the permanent retirement of Judge Ionta. However, the comedians on the Court didn’t dispense any sanctions involving Bobby’s license to practice law.


As we speak (ca. October 2022), Bobby practices his so-called brand of law at 300 West Hill Avenue in Gallup, New Mexico.



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