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State Rep. Randy Fine (FL): Today’s “Disney’s Dumbo Comic” Award Winner


Randy succeeded in duping the voters into electing him as a member of the Florida House of Representatives in October 2016.


In an effort to curry further favor with his fellow bigots and in particular Gov. Ron DeSantis regarding a law that outlaws any instruction involving gender identification or sexual orientation in all local schools in classes up to and including the third grade.


After Disney announced its opposition to the bigoted legislation, Randy joined in proposing legislation to eliminate a special tax and governing jurisdiction that Disney has controlled and benefited from for over 50 years.


Randy then made the following statement establishing his bona fides as a Goofy Wannabee.

  • “BREAKING: Disney is a guest in Florida.”
  • “Today, we remind them that Gov. DeSantis just expanded the Special Session so I could file HB3C which eliminates Reedy Creek Improvement District, a 50 yr-old special statute that makes Disney exempt from laws faced by regular Floridians.”

I wonder how Randy and those of his ilk (FYI Randy, ILK is not defined as a Male Elk) would respond if Disney announced they were going to close Disney World in Orlando and move it to San Francisco? Maybe Randy doesn’t give a damn about the loss of 77,000 jobs such a move would cause.


If the voters wise up and send Randy packing and he ends up being unemployed, maybe, just maybe he could apply for a job as a Goofy character and greeter on a Disney Cruise Ship.


As we speak (ca. April 2022), Randy continues to be an embarrassment to many Floridians as he continues to engage in his clownish act as a Goofy Wannabee.



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