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State Sen. Greg Treat (R-OK): Todays “Loony Misogynist” Award



Greg is the Senate President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma State Senate. He has succeeded in duping the voters beginning in November 2010 to elect him as a member of the state senate.


In a recent attempt to further his status as a woman hating lunatic, Greg sponsored legislation specifically aimed at basically outlawing all abortions in Oklahoma.


Greg’s asinine legislation would outlaw abortion if more than 30 days had passed since the start of the patient’s last menstrual period.


In figuring out how long a patient is into her pregnancy; physicians normally count back from the first day of a patient’s last menstrual period. Ovulation for the most part takes place 11 to 12 days into the menstrual cycle.


As is the case with most misogynistic loons, Greg’s legislation makes no exceptions for rape or incest. Put simply, if Uncle Jed rapes his 11-year-old niece Nancy, she would be forced to give birth to the child. However, Greg’s legislation would not make Uncle Jed legally responsible to pay child support to Nancy.


And lastly, if Greg’s Mom would have opted to have an abortion in late August or early September 1977, Greg wouldn’t be around to put forth this type of outrageous legislation.


As we speak (ca. February 2022), Greg continues to embarrass many Oklahomans with his proposed legislation aimed at assuring that he and his like-minded male comrades retain control over the female population in Oklahoma from puberty onward.



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