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U.S. Judge Sterling Johnson Jr. of Brooklyn, NY; Slacker



The State of Arkansas presented Dale Lipsmeyer with a law license in 1966 after he graduated from the Brooklyn School of Law.


Former President George H.W. Bush was duped into appointing Sterling as a District Court Judge for the Easter District of New York in 1991 when he was fifty-seven (57) years of age (DOB: 1934). Sterling didn’t receive the appointment because he was the most qualified attorney in the greater New York City area. He received it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


FYI: Sterling has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough for the past forty-five (45) years. Apparently, no self-respecting law firm in the greater New York City area was about to offer him a good paying job.


It should be noted that Sterling assumed senior status on June 1, 2003, after serving a mere 12 years on the bench. By assuming senior status, Sterling is only required to work 10-hours a week while he receives a full annual salary of $223,400.


Additionally, by taking on senior status in 2003 this allowed his replacement to be appointed by another Republican president, which in this instance was the son of George H.W. Bush who originally appointed him to the bench. Put simply, Sterling was acting in the best interests of the Republican Party and not of all the New Yorkers seeking equal justice.


In one matter, 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York spanked Sterling in early 2022 when it stated that he took nearly five (5) years to adopt a magistrate judge’s report and recommendation for restitution by failing to conduct a proper review before doing so.


Sitting on a case for five (5) years before issuing a ruling is appalling to say the least. It gives a new meaning to the term “slacker.” Maybe the fact that Sterling was 81-years old when the magistrate judge submitted the matter to him, and he was 86-years old when he finally issued a ruling is the reason the old codger was incapable of issuing a prompt ruling.


And remember folks, during this 5-year period, the overtaxed citizens of the United States were made to pay Sterling $1,059,000.00 in wages. In addition, Sterling receives approximately $65,000.00 annually in pension payments from the State of New York.  


As we speak (ca. 2022), Sterling the Slacker continues to sit as a U.S. District Court Judge for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn, New York.  



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