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Today’s Public Official Misfit is Dakota County, MN attorney Kevin Golden

The state of Minnesota presented Kevin John Golden with a law license in 1991.
For the past several years, Kevin has been employed as an assistant Dakota County attorney (DA). During his time of disservice to the citizens of Dakota County, Kevin has been found guilty of intentionally concealing evidence to cause a mistrial in criminal cases.
Kevin’s most recent foray into playing fast and loose with the truth in order to obtain a notch on his conviction belt related to a felony case involving a robbery at a West St. Paul store.
Kevin dismissed a key witness before the defense finished questioning her and intentionally withheld evidence from the defense, according to an April 5 order filed by District Court Judge Joseph Carter that barred a retrial of the robbery case and led to its dismissal.
In 2008, Kevin was accused of attempting to cause a mistrial by implying (lying) to a jury that the defendant was obligated to testify and for withholding medical records from the defense, according to an order by then District Judge Leslie Metzen. In a lame effort at levity, Kevin called the incident “a simple mistake on my part.”
In addition to being a loser and liar, Kevin is also an aspiring standup comedian. To suggest that he made a “simple mistake” is not only laughable but it is clearly untrue.
Kevin’s intentional misconduct caused the taxpayers of Dakota County to expend untold thousands of dollars on prosecutions that were ultimately dismissed because his zeal to obtain convictions at any cost.
Because Attorney Misfits in Minnesota are held to a much lower standard of conduct then everyone else, Kevin was charged with misconduct by the State Bar.
As we speak (May 2012) Kevin the Loser continues to collect an undeserved check compliments of the good citizens of Dakota County.

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