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► Judge Randy Jinks of Talladega, AL; bigoted pervert  


FYI: As the Talladega County Probate Judge, Randy the Perv oversaw adoptions, guardianships, mental health commitments, and the issuance of marriage license.


The Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission found Randy guilty of engaging in the following misconduct, all of which took place while he was unfortunately employed as the Talladega County Probate Judge.

  • Criticized overweight people
  • Exhibited a grossly inappropriate demeanor
  • Created a difficult, unprofessional and inappropriate atmosphere during the workday
  • Mouthed the N-word on occasion to the deputy chief clerk
  • Said George Floyd was “just another criminal,” and he “pretty much got what he deserved”
  • Told a Black employee that he didn’t want him marching with Black Lives Matter protesters
  • Told employees private details about his marriage and the reason that he and his wife lived in separate residences
  • Made inappropriate comments about the appearance and anatomy of women
  • Shared sexually inappropriate anecdotes with court employees
  • Shared a striptease video with court employees
  • Made degrading comments to or about women, and generally used crude, coarse, vulgar, offensive and improper language
  • Referred to the county administrator as a bitch
  • Said a court employee was nothing but a whore
  • When encountering women, Junks noticeably scans their bodies and then stares primarily at their breasts
  • Used a county-owned cellphone to access a website selling sex toys, to store photos of Jinks in a tight swimsuit, and to access websites showing photos of women in low-cut apparel

Randy’s laughable defense


During an interview on WOTM, Randy made a lame attempt at levity by spewing forth the following comedic lines.

  • “I am a decent person.”
  • “I am very respectful around women.” [I always make sure my zipper is half closed]
  • “I do not use racial slurs.

It is painfully clear that Randy missed his calling as a standup comedian.


All that remains now is to see what if any punishment is meted out to Randy the Perv by the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Alabama Supreme Court.


As we speak (ca. July 2021), Randy continues to sit as the Talladega County Probate Judge.


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