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Justice Jim Gunter of Arkansas Supreme Court; misogynist,  coward


Supreme Court Justice Jim “The Basher” Gunter is not only a misogynist; he’s also an accomplished pugilist; albeit only when the opponent is a female.
Justice Jim “The Basher” Gunter is a sitting Justice on the Arkansas Supreme Court. In addition to being skilled in the time-honored sport of assaulting women, The Goon is also an arrogant buffoon.
In the recent past, while Jim “The Basher” Gunter was attending a family gathering, an argument ensued between The Basher and his sister Janet Gibson.
The Basher reportedly became angry with Janet after arguing over certain genealogical papers belonging to The Basher. Apparently, Janet refused The Basher’s direct order (not a wise move Janet) to immediately return the papers to him until she was done with them.
According to a police report, The Basher began screaming at Janet about bothering his stuff. The Basher then backhanded (bashed) her in the mouth with a closed fist, causing Janet to be knocked into a dresser and then he shoved her to the floor. Cool!!!
According to The Basher’s father, when he tried to intercede, The Basher said “kiss my ass.” The Basher’s brother told authorities that The Basher told his Dad that he was not going to stand there and listen to a lecture and if he didn’t have an “asshole” sister (Mirror, mirror on the wall!), none of this would have happened.
As expected, The Basher was never prosecuted for criminally assaulting his sister. As in other jurisdictions throughout the country, the judiciary is held to a lower standard of conduct. In addition, questioning the authority of a Surpeme Court Justice and/or failing to immediately comply with an order constitutes direct contempt, which is punishable by a punch in the face. Therefore, Janet got what she damn well deserved, right? Where in the hell did she get the idea that she could question the supreme authority of The Basher?
What do ya think would happen to you if criminally assaulted your sister? Think ya just might be held to a higher standard of conduct and thereby face prosecution? Of course you would.
As a result of The Basher’s conduct being reported by the media, the enablers and apologists sitting on the Arkansas Judicial Discipline Commission had no choice but to lodge an ethics complaint regarding the matter. In a stunning display of courage and fortitude, and more importantly to send a message to the Arkansas Judiciary that this type of aberrant behavior would be treated severely, the Commission punished The Basher was providing him with a “complimentary reprimand.” Gee whillikers and goshes and gollies that must have been like really painful, right?
Isn’t it comforting to know that The Basher sits in a position to review cases involving spousal abuse? Wonder if The Basher might be just a tad biased toward the abuser?

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