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U.S. Judge Camille Velez-Rive of Puerto Rico; incompetent boob


The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico presented Camile L. Velez-Rive with a law license in 1986 after she graduated from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law.


A majority of the District Court judge in Puerto Rico were duped into appointing Camille as a U.S. Magistrate Court Judge in 2004. Camille didn’t receive the appointment because she was the most qualified attorney in Puerto Rico. She received it because she had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


In one matter, Camille presided over a case involving the return of a child to Argentina under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.


Lisandro Jonathan Darín ("Darín") initiated the appeal proceedings against Lua Cecilia Olivero-Huffman ("Olivero"), seeking the return of their son ("LAD") to Argentina from the United States.   In her infinite ignorance, Judge Velez-Rive denied the petition.


Subsequently, Darin and Olivero appealed Judge Velez-Rive’s ruling to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeal in Boston. In reversing Judge Velez Rive’s ruling, the court stated as follows.

  • “To be clear, the district court's conclusion that "the Puerto Rico courts have jurisdiction to determine permanently the best interests of the child and to rule on any controversies between, the parties regarding parental custody and visitation rights cannot stand. ‘
  • ‘Our decision today voids this [Judge Velez-Rive’s] determination. It is the Argentine courts that have jurisdiction.  There is no reason to believe an Argentine court will not make a custody determination in a responsible manner.”
  • “For the reasons stated herein, we REVERSE the district court [Velez-Rive’s] order and ORDER the return of LAD to Argentina.”
  • “The District Court [Judge Velez-Rive’s] erred in concluding there was no wrongful retention in this case.”
  • “There is no evidence in the entire record to plausibly support the District Court’s finding that the parties arrived at a mutual intent to chance LAD’s habitual residence from Argentina to the United States.”
  • “The record is also devoid of any objective facts showing a change in habitual residence.”

And lastly, it goes without saying that Camille the Boob doesn’t much give a damn when or how many times she’s overturned (rebuked in truth) by the appellate court since she is well aware that no United State judge has ever been tossed off the bench for being an incompetent boob.


As we speak (ca. August 2021), Camille continues to dispense her so-called idea of jurisprudence as a U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge in San Juan Puerto Rico.



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