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New Jersey Judge Willis Berry, Jr., crook, ethically moribund


Judge Willis Berry, Jr. "The Mad Hatter" is not only a crook, but he’s a certified moron.
Judge Willis Berry, Jr. who had the chutzpah to seek election to the NJ Supreme Court in 2007. Lord have Mercy, had the Mad Hatter succeeded in his election attempt, the New Jersey Supreme Court would likely have set a new Guiness World Record for incompetence and misfeasance.
Judge Willis “The Mad Hatter” Berry, Jr. has been charged with operating a real estate business out of his judicial office in Philadelphia for more than a decade. (Philadelphia Enquirer)
The Mad Hatter (Judge Willis Berry, Jr.) moonlighted as a landlord and owned a host of run-down rental properties (slum-landlord) that were repeatedly cited for violations of the city code (serial scofflaw). Tenants (victims) and neighbors repeatedly complained of deplorable donations including rodent infestation (attorneys and judges running amok), faulty wiring, and weed-choked lots.
From 1995 to August 2007, The Mad Hatter (Judge Willis Berry, Jr.) was cited more than 70 times for safety and code violations by the Dept. of Licenses and Inspections. Because The Mad Hatter (Judge Willis Berry, Jr.) was a well-respected Judicial Slumlord, the city was prohibited from taking punitive actions against the Mad Hatter until his certified violations were in triple figures. Cool!
The enablers, apologists and certified wimps sitting on the NJ Court of Judicial Discipline charged The Mad Hatter (Judge Willis Berry, Jr.) with bringing the judiciary into “disrepute.” Gee whillikers and goshes and gollies, when I read this I broke down in tears. Luckily for me, I had recently had my desktop computer fitted with a prophylactic device rendering it safe from any unforeseen humidity.
The conduct of The Mad Hatter (Judge Willis Berry, Jr.) that allegedly brought the judiciary into disrepute consisted of (a) repeated building and safety code violations that were “so extreme as to bring the judicial office into disrepute, and (b) his use of his judicial office to operate his personal (slumlord) business.
This assertion by the Court of Judicial Discipline doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test? This ol’ Dawg has reviewed thousands of cases of involving judicial misconduct over the past 15-years; I can tell ya that there isn’t any conduct involving a Judicial Misfit that has ever subjected the judiciary into being looked upon with disrepute. And that includes cases involving (a) surfing for porn on state computers, (b) sexual assaults of court staff, (c) repeated use of the “N” word, (d) egregious cases of sexual harassment, (e) serial thefts of public funds, and (f) multiple instances of perjury. Suffice it to say that it would be virtually impossible for a Judicial Misfit to bring our so-called judiciary into disrepute.
The attorney that The Mad Hatter (Judge Willis Berry, Jr.) employed to defend argued before the Court of Discipline, that The Mad hatter demonstrated “stupidity” by running a real estate business out of his chambers, but that this conduct did not rise to the level that the state should strip him of his robe. Stupidity you say Mr. Stretton? I respectfully disagree! It wasn’t a display of stupidity; it was clear and convincing evidence that The Mad Hatter was just a plain ol’ Dumbass.
The Mad Hatter’s attorney, Samuel C. Stretton told the Judicial Court of Discipline that, “This is something I put in the area of stupidity. I don’t see this as the kind of intentional misconduct.” This comment only proves that attorney Stretton is also a certified moron; albeit a well paid one.
Illegally using government resources to operate a private business is normally considered felonious “theft-in-office.” For Stretton to argue that this was not “intentional misconduct” is analogous to asserting that Jeffrey Dahmer did not intentionally use his dinner guests as ingredients in his varied menu. Hear tell Jeff’s rump roast was out of this world!
All that is left now is to see how the Judicial Court rules. Given the overwhelming evidence that judges are held to a lower standard of conduct, I suspect that The Mad Hatter will likely receive a complimentary reprimand. Stay tuned!

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