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State Rep. Ron Hanks (R-CO): Today’s “Puke Bag Bigot” Award Winner


In November 2020, Ronnie duped the voters in the 60th District to elect him as a member of the Colorado House of Representatives.


In an ongoing effort to establish his bona fides as one of Colorado’s Premier Bigots after being mistakenly introduced as Rep. Lynch during debate on a bipartisan bill to strengthen civics education in Colorado public schools. There is a Colorado lawmaker named Mike Lynch. (Josephine Harvey)


After the mistaken introduction, Ronnie said:


“Being called Mr. Lynch might be a good thing for what I’m about to say.”


Ronnie then decided to defend the racist Three-Fifths Compromise in the Constitution that counted slaves as three-fifths of a person in determining a state’s population.


He then continued but only after spraying a thick coat of Industrial Strength Booty Fresh for the ultimate protection for everyone in the immediate area, Ronnie spewed forth the following racist crap.


  • “Going back to the founding, and going back to the three-fifths, and I heard the comments and I appreciate them, and I respect them.”
  • But the Three-Fifths Compromise, of course, was an effort by non-slave states to try to reduce the amount of representation that the slave states had.”
  • “It was not impugning anybody’s humanity.”


Ronnie is one of the insurrectionists that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 to thwart the electoral college vote to cement Joe Biden’s presidency and allow Donald “Trumporleone” Trump to continue in office.


Even after it was proven beyond all doubt that the election was fairly won by Joe Biden and there was no fraud involved, Ronnie continued to promote conspiracy theories regarding the certification of the 2020 election.


And lastly, the government salary and per diem Ronnie collects for his disservice to Coloradans is $44,242 annual salary plus $31,755 in per diem payments for a total of $75,977, which is likely the most money he has ever been paid for being a dyed-in-the-wool bigot.


As we speak (ca. April 2021), Ronnie continues to be a total embarrassment to Georgians who possess an I.Q. in the high 90s or triple digits.



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