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U.S. Magistrate Judge Regina Cannon of Atlanta, GA: incompetent boob


The state of Georgia presented Regina Cannon with a law license in 1988 after she graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Law.


The sitting U.S. District Court judges for the North District Court were duped into selecting Regina as a Magistrate Judge for the District in early 2020. Regina didn’t receive the selection and appointment because she was the most qualified attorney in the greater Atlanta area. She received it because she had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


In one matter, Regina presided over the arraignment of Jack Wade Whitton, a member of the insurrectionist mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6, 2021.


Despite being provided with irrefutable evidence that Mr. Whitton posed a significant danger to society given his conduct in dragging a police officer by the neck down the steps of the Capital so that his fellow comrades could assault the officer, Judge Cannon saw fit to release the insurrectionist on his own recognizance pending trial.


Federal prosecutors immediately moved to have the DC Court to intervene and order the imprisonment of Mr. Whitton until his trial.


It can safely be assumed that the federal court in DC will order that Whitton be immediately imprisoned.


This is just another example of what happens when a totally incompetent person is appointed to sit as a U.S. Magistrate Judge.


As we speak (ca. May 2021), Regina continues to practice her so-called brand of jurisprudence as a U.S. Magistrate Judge in Atlanta, Georgia.



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