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► DA Chad Salsman of Towanda, PA; criminally charged pervert


The State of Pennsylvania presented Chad Salsman with a license in 1998 after he graduated from Widener University School of Law. 


A state grand jury charged Chad with engaging in the following criminal conduct.

  • Charged with sexual assault
  • Charged with indecent assault in connection with alleged coerced sex acts with five women who were his clients when he was in private practice
  • Regularly used his position and power as an attorney to coerce his victims into performing sexual acts on him
  • Some of Chad’s clients were criminal defendants, and some were involved in custody cases Chad took advantage of the women’s vulnerabilities to exploit and then silence them
  • Chadis accused of having sexual intercourse with three of the women
  • Had indecent contact with those three women and two others
  • Waived attorney fees for sexual intercourse with one of the women
  • Tried to intimidate the women to prevent them from reporting the misconduct to police or prosecutors, and suggesting that one of the women should not cooperate in the investigation
  • Chadwould intimidate and coerce the women into unwanted sexual acts on his desk and then direct them to a bathroom in his office to clean up
  • Chad’s law firm staff testified that he had a policy of having them play music, run noise machines or run the air conditioner to drown out the sounds of the client meetings
  • Chad’s office staff also said they repeatedly saw female clients leave his office in tears
  • One of Chad’s client confided that she was previously raped, however, on a later visit Chad instructed the rape victim told the woman to go into the back entrance of his office and to undress and she complied out of fear

All that remains now is to see how long it takes for Chad to cop a plea so as to reduce the amount of time he’ll likely have to spend in prison.


As we speak (ca. February 2021), Chad the Perv continues to as the Bradford County District Attorney in Towanda, Pennsylvania.


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