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U.S. Judge James Boasberg of DC: one of the Good Guys


The District of Columbia Bar provided James Emanuel Boasberg with a law license in 1990 after he graduated from Yale University School of Law.


In one matter, Judge Boasberg presided over a case wherein Minnesota lawyer Erick Kaardal on behalf of voters in several states sued to overturn the election by falsely and shamelessly claiming there was voter fraud.


After summarily dismissing Mr. Kaardal’s sham lawsuit, Judge Boasberg announced that he was referring Kaardal’s egregious conduct to the attorney ethics commission. In making said announcement, Judge Boasberg made the following comments.

  • “The action requested in the lawsuit to invalidate the election and prevent the electoral votes from being counted is staggering.”
  • “The lawsuit contained numerous shortcomings, including the flimsiness of the underlying basis for the suit.”
  • “When any counsel seeks to target processes at the heart of our democracy, the Committee [ethics committee] may well conclude that they are required to act with far more diligence and good faith than existed here.”
  • “The only reason the Court can see for the Complaint to spend 70+ pages on irrelevant allegations of fraud, not one instance of which persuaded any court in any state to question the election’s outcome, is political grandstanding.”

Kudos to Judge Boasberg for having the courage and fortitude to make it painfully clear to attorney Erick Kaardal and those of his ilk that abusing the court system to pursue sham claims for the purpose of making political points will not be tolerated.


And lastly, all that remains now is to see what if any punishment is advocated for by Minnesota Office of Lawyer Regulation.


As we speak (ca. August 2021), Judge Boasberg continues to sit as a District of Columbia District Court Judge in Washington, DC.


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