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U.S. Judge Drew Tipton of Corpus Christi, TX; Dimwitted Trump Ass-Kisser


The state of Texasprovided Drew Barnett Tipton with a law license in 1994 after he graduated from South Texas University School of Law.


FYI: South Texas College of Law is ranked as the 177th best law school in the country out of 200 ABA (American Bar Association) accredited law schools.


Former President Donald “Trumporleone” Trump was directed to nominate Drew to be a U.S. District Court judge for the Southern District of Texas in June 2020 by right wing idealogues associated with the Federalist Society. Drew didn’t receive the nomination and appointment because he was the most qualified attorney in the greater Corpus Christ area. He received it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local right-wing ideologues.


Shortly after President Biden executed an Executive Order that called for a moratorium on deportation, right wing loons led by Texas Attorney General Ted Paxton sought to litigate the matter by engaging in a little forum shopping. Towards that end, Teddy and his fellow comrades chose to file their sham lawsuit attacking President Biden’s moratorium chose Corpus Christi Judge Tipton, a well-respected right-wing ideologue who they knew would do their bidding.


Towards that end, Judge Tipton cheerfully granted Teddy’s wishes by issuing a laughable order barring the enforcement of Biden’s 100-day deportation moratorium.


In an ongoing effort to further establish that he’s a Monumental Dimwit, Disgusting Bigot, and an Aspiring Standup Comedian, Teddy supported his sham lawsuit by submitting a Fox News opinion article as evidence that “refusal to remove illegal aliens is directly leading to the immediate release of additional illegal aliens in Texas.”


As we speak (ca. February 2021), Tipton continues to dispense his so-called brand of jurisprudence as a U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of Texas in Corpus Christi, Texas.



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