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Former Judge Edwin L. Poyfair of Vancouver, WA; bigoted moron

The state of Washington provided Edwin Livingston Poyfair with a law license in 1972.
Unfortunately for the good folks in the greater Vancouver area, Poyfair sat as a Clark County Superior Court Judge since 1992.
In 2011, the Washington Judicial Commission found Judge Poyfair guilty of misconduct involving an adoption matter and a child custody case.
Edwin and the Adoption case
This case involved a birth mother (M.M.) agreeing to place her child with a couple for adoption when the baby was six weeks old. A hearing before Poyfair was held to terminate the rights of the biological father. Shortly before the hearing, M.M. learned that the adoptive father had a history of sexual misconduct with young girls, whereupon she no longer wanted this couple to adopt her child.
At the time of the hearing M.M. believed incorrectly that she had waived her legal rights to her child. To prevent the adoption she believed she had no legal right to obtain return of the child to her. This led her to ask the birth father (G.H.) to come to the hearing and ask for the child to be placed with him.
When G.H. (Mexican/American) appeared at the hearing, Edwin asked him if he was in the country legally. When G.H. said he wasn’t here legally, Edwin said “well then maybe we should call immigration before you leave and find out if they wish you detained.” Edwin did call law enforcement to the courtroom but was told that they could not detain G.H.
During the 26 minute hearing, Edwin the Bigot referred to G.H.’s immigration status at least seven times. Edwin went on to say that “he should be picked up and he should be sent back. I don’t know where immigration is right now, I know that they, up in King County [Seattle], they’re having a field day picking people, up I don’t know down here what they’re doing
When the birth mother attempted to speak about the adoptive father’s history of sexual abuse, Edwin cut her off and threatened her with contempt of court, saying, “You’re going to spend the weekend here if you open your moth again before I tell you to open it.”
Despite questions that the adoptive father was a sexual predator and given the fact that the adoption could not be finalized without the birth parents signing off, Edwin never advised them of their rights to prevent the adoption and take possession of their child. In fact, Edwin ordered that the child be sent home with the adoptive parents who had no lawful right to the child.
Edwin and the Custody case
Edwin presided over at least 20 hearings in this custody case. During the proceedings he called one of the parties a “liar” on at least two occasions.
During another hearing Edwin told the parties that when they “lay the daughter on the alter of the court, she becomes mine.”
This wasn’t Edwin’s 1st bite at the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree. In 1995 he received a complimentary admonishment from the Judicial Commission for misconduct involving another custody case.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the admirers of Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Commission punished Edwin by gifting him with a complimentary censure.
In early May 2012, Edwin retired from the bench rather than face the wrath of the voters in Vancouver.
It really is distressing to know that losers like Edwin Poyfair were allowed to sit in judgment of the good folks in the greater Vancouver area. Obviously, this buffoon was never qualified to be a judge!

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