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Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA): Today’s “Bigoted Trump Ass-Kisser” Award Winner


In November 2010, Mikey succeeded in duping the voters in the greater Erie area into electing him as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.


In an ongoing effort to cement his status as one of Pennsylvania’s Renowned and Disrespected Bigots and Serial Sycophantic (SS) Trump Ass-Kissers, Mikey decided to file a sham lawsuit to void Joe Biden’s presidential election victory.


In his sham lawsuit against the officials [defendants] in charge of elections in Pennsylvania, Mikey made the following hyperbolic (BS) claims

  • Enter an order, declaration, and/or injunction prohibiting defendants from certifying the results of the General Election
  • Prohibit defendants from certifying mail-in-ballots which were improperly permitted on a statewide basis
  • Prevent defendants from tabulating unauthorized votes, including mail-in votes that do not meet constitutional requirements
  • Require defendants to certify results of election based solely on legal votes

At the conclusion of his asinine lawsuit, Mikey has the chutzpah to ask the Court to award him all costs and legal fees incurred in pursuing the case.


If justice is truly blind, the trial court should monetarily sanction Mikey and his scamming and incompetent attorneys who thumbed their collective noses at the attorney rules of professional conduct.


Further evidence of Mikey’s undying loyalty to The Great Leader and his record of bigotry is as follows.

  • In 2017, advanced the conspiracy theory that former president Barack Obama was running a "shadow government" to undermine President Trump
  • In December 2019, likened impeachment of the Great Leader to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Stated that The Great Leader’s impeachment is “another date that will live in infamy”

As we speak (ca. November 2020), Mikey continues to misrepresent the truth while sitting as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.


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