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Donald “Small Hands Donnie” Trump: Todays “Degenerate Liar” Award Winner


This isn’t the first award presented to The Great Leader and/or or article dealing with his questionable antics. In the past he has been the subject of 584 awards, 130 opinion pieces and 91 laments. For a list of the prior awards and/or articles, see the items detailed at the end of this article.


After being properly berated for recently (ca. September 2020) holding an indoor campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada in violation of Nevada rules/law limiting gatherings to 50 people, The Great Leader decided it was necessary to respond by doing what he does best and that was to mouth a few lies.


Towards that end, The Great Leader called in to speak to his favorite Ass-Kissing Sycophants at the Fox & Friends Comedy Show and then made the following false statements to be digested by his intellectually inept followers and supporters in attacking Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak.

  • “He’ll cheat on the ballots. I have no doubt about it.”
  • “You’re gonna see something with these ballots [mail-in ballots].”
  • “You’re gonna see corruption like you’ve never seen.”
  • “You’re gonna see a rigged election.”

How in the hell could this governor or any governor for that matter personally cheat on ballots?


As usual, The Great Leader provides no evidence to support this false and defamatory statements. And the reason he fails to provide any evidence is because none exists.


It is patently clear that The Great Leader is fearful that he is going to suffer an embarrassing loss on November 3. Therefore, he knows his only chance of winning is to falsely attack the election by claiming if he loses it will be the result of millions of fraudulent mail-in votes leading to a rigged election.


Hopefully, Nevadans with an I.Q. in the high nineties and triple digits will not buy into The Great Leaders Lying Bullshit.


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  7. Ass-Kisser Awards = 8
  8. Bigot/Racist Awards = 20
  9. Bullshit Awards = 77
  10. Chicken Little Awards = 7
  11. Dumbo Awards = 5
  12. Humanitarian Award = 10
  13. IHOP (Flip-Flop) Awards = 4
  14. Liar Awards = 143
  15. Lunatic Awards = 33
  16. Misc. Awards = 118
  17. Misogynist Awards = 3
  18. Moron Awards = 54
  19. Narcissist Awards = 36
  20. Screwball Awards = 12
  21. Rodney Dangerfield Comic Awards = 54



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