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U.S. Judge Consuelo Marshall of Los Angeles, CA; incompetent boob


The state of California presented Consuelo Bland Marshall with a law license in 1961 after she graduated from Howard University School of Law.


It should be noted that former President Jimmy Carter was duped into nominating Consuelo in 1980 as a U.S. District Court Judge for the Central District of California in Los Angeles. Consuelo didn’t receive the appointment because she was the most qualified attorney in the greater Los Angeles area, she received it because she had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


FYI: Consuelo has had her significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough for the past forty (40) years. Apparently, no self-respecting laws firm in the greater Los Angeles area was about to offer him a good paying job.


Additionally, in 2005, Consuelo assumed the position of a Senior Judge. This meant that she is only required to work 10-hours-a-week while still collecting a full paycheck of $216,400.00. Had Consuelo retired under the “Rule of 80”, she could have done so in 2001 and received an annual pension of $145,100.00 for the balance of her life. However, by taking on Senior Status she was able to receive an additional $71,400.00 in raises while only required to work 10 hours a week.


As a government worker, federal state or local, I am quite confident that would like to be able to take on senior status after 10 years on the job with only having to work 10-hours a week and still be paid 100% of your annual salary. Should take note that as we speak (ca. 2020), Consuelo is 84-years old (DOB: 1936). Isn’t America a great country?


In one matter, Consuelo was assigned to preside over a case wherein screenwriters Lee Alfred II, Ezeqiel Martinez Jr., and Tova Laiter sued Walt Disney and its film “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” for infringing on their original screenplay.


In her infinite ignorance and incompetence, Consuelo dismissed the screenwriters’ lawsuit and did so by prohibiting them from filing an amended complaint. Subsequently, the screenwriters filed an appeal with the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The court reversed Consuelo’s asinine ruling and in doing so made the following statements.

  • “We agree with Plaintiffs that the screenplay shares sufficient similarities with the film to survive a motion to dismiss.”
  • “The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl film and the screenplay both begin with a prologue that takes place ten years prior to the main story; introduce the main characters during a battle, at gunpoint; involve treasure stories that take place on islands and in jewel-filled caves; include past stories of betrayal by a former first mate; contain fearful moments driven by skeleton crews: focus on the redemption of a young, rogue pirate; and share some similarities in dialogue and tone. To be sure, there are striking differences between the two works, as well—but the selection and arrangement of the similarities between them is more than de minimis. [minimal]”

It goes without saying that Consuelo doesn’t much give a damn when she’s overturned (rebuked in truth) by the appellate court since she is well aware that no federal  judge has ever been tossed off the bench for being an incompetent boob. In addition, she certainly isn’t concerned with the cost to the taxpayers of having his asinine ruling overturned.


As we speak (ca. September 2020), Consuelo continues to sit as U.S. District Court judge in Los Angeles, California.


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