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Attorney Arthur S. Block of Riverside, CA; pervert, ethically impaired

While he was a Superior Court Judge in Riverside County, Arthur Block was adjudged guilty of sexual harassment and egregious unethical conduct.
In 2001, then Judge Arthur Block of Riverside County was found guilty of engaging in or attempting too:
  1. Pattern of inappropriate sexual conduct (As opposed to appropriate sexual conduct?)
  2. Intimidate witnesses during the investigation of his sexual misconduct
  3. Improper use his judicial office to intercede in a matter involving a female acquaintance
In 2001, Arthur Block called deputy county counsel Tanya Galvan to the bench and while discussing a legal issue he reached out as if to fasten a button on her suit (aka, criminally copping a feel).
Subsequently Art called Ms. Galvan into chambers and told her he was attracted to her. He then walked around his desk and kissed her, putting his tongue in her mouth (aka, sexual assault).
In 2001, Ms. Denebeim, a longtime acquaintance of Art was cited for two traffic violations. Ms. Denebeim’s father called Art and complained about the treatment his daughter was receiving from the court even though her case wasn’t assigned to Art. Despite this fact, Art had Ms. Denebeim appear in his chambers to hear her complaints. Art then called Judge James Brandlin of the Los Angeles County Superior Court and asked him if her case could be handled without her appearance in his Los Angeles court. Judge Brandlin told Art her appearance was mandatory; that his conduct was inappropriate, and not to contact him again about the case because it was unethical.
Arty was forced to resign in 2002; however, as expected he was able to retain his law license.
Arty Babies so-called Mediation Service
After being forced off the bench, Arthur Block formed an outfit called ASB Mediation and unashamedly advertises on the Internet at: www.asbmediation.com. Art has the chutzpah to state on his web site that he was considered one of the most aggressive settlement judges on the bench. No denying that this ethical gimp is “aggressive,” just ask Ms. Tanya Galvin.
Art charges those ignorant enough to employ his so-called services as follows:
  1. $3,500 for a full day
  2. $1,750 for a half day
  3. $500 an hour after 5:00 p.m.
  4. $125 an hour for traveling from his home in Palm Springs
Where in the hell does this ethical leper-con get off thinking his services are worth seven (7) times what a sitting California Superior Court judge earns? In my opinion, the only kind of fools that would employ and then pay these unconscionable fees are attorneys and/or entities who are seeking and/or have been assured a favorable outcome.

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