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Attorney Gary Appelblatt of Sacramento; pervert, criminal


Attorney Gary Appelblatt went about sexually assaulting female clients under the guise of giving them medical exams.
On August 17, 2009 Gary “The Perv” Appelblatt pleaded no contest to four felony counts of sexual battery and one count of attempting to touch one of his clients improperly [felonious attempt to commit sexual battery].” Ya mean there’s a proper way to sexually assault a client? (Sacramento Bee)
Sacramento County Deputy DA Keith Hill said “I think to me the most important thing is that lawyers are in a position of trust with their clients.” Mr. Hill went on to say “I think he violated that [trust]. Ya only think he violated that trust Mr. Hill? Ain’t that just special?
The Perv’s lawyer Tom Johnson said of the five counts to which the Perv pleaded no contest, it was the attempted battery charge – which was characterized as “touching” – that carries the 18-month prison term. (Sacramento Bee - http://tinyurl.com/mo4zm9)
When each of the Perv’s victims resisted his unlawful sexual advances, he asked them not to tell anybody about it. In one instance, the Perv called up one of his victims and said he would reduce her legal bill by $5,000 if she would have sex with him. Of course this reduction of his fees would likely have come after he inflated the bill by at least $4,995.00, meaning he was only willing to actually pay $5.00.
What is quite disturbing to me is the fact that when a judge engages in a felonious attempt to commit sexual battery, they never face criminal charges or in the rare instance when they do, the so-called punishment is an unmitigated joke. In fact, when they are adjudged guilty by their so-called peers (aka, enablers and apologists) sitting on Judicial Discipline Commissions of felonious sexual assault, they aren’t criminally prosecuted. However, the Judicial Industry has the chutzpah to assert over and over again that they “must be held to a higher standard of conduct. The evidence proves otherwise!
Click onto the URLs listed under the story at the end of this article and judge for yourself if Judges are in fact “held to a higher standard of conduct” then you or me or even attorney Appelblatt.
I would advise Appelblatt’s attorney Tom Johnson to demand that Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Gary E. Ransom considers an appropriate sentence that he ask Judge Ransom to hold Mr. Appelblatt to the same standard of conduct that Judge Jon Gibson were held too. And if Judge Gary Ransom refuses to so act, then this will be further confirmation that the Judiciary is in fact held to a lower standard of conduct than anyone else in the good ol’ U S of A.
Is Chicago attorney Oliver M. Spurlock a pervert and an ethical leper-con? Sure is!
Is Riverside attorney Arthur S. Block a pervert and ethically impaired? Yes siree!
Is Brazoria County Texas Judge James Blackstock a certified pervert and moron? Is Houston located in Texas?



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