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U.S. Judge William Martini of New Jersey; arrogant boob

In 2002 President Bush was duped into appointing William Martini as a District Court Judge in New Jersey. Martini didn’t receive this appointment because he was the most qualified attorney in New Jersey. He received it because he had proven to be a reliable flunky and gopher for the local political hacks.
It is reported that Martini is prone to barking at lawyers who don’t show him the proper respect. It appears that Martini’s disrespect claims are as laughable as those used by the late Rodney Dangerfield.
Judge Martini is sitting on a case involving the prosecution of imprisoned defense lawyer Paul W. Bergrin. U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman is seeking to have Judge Martini removed from the case on the grounds of bias. Bergrin was a former federal prosecutor who is accused of using his Newark law firm as a racketeering enterprise through which he allegedly plotted to bribe, intimidate and murder witnesses against his clients while engaging in cocaine trafficking, prostitution and other crimes.
Fishman’s office has charged that Martini has flouted appellate rulings by breaking up a 33-count indictment into several trials, interfered with prosecutors’ authority to purse the charges they want to try, and tied their hands by barring evidence in the 3-year-old murder and racketeering case.
It certainly appears from Martini’s record that he’s a sympathizer for corrupt public officials and/or other assorted felons. In the corruption case of former Newark mayor and state senator, Martini sentenced him to a mere 27 months when the prosecution pushed for at least 15 years.
Light sentences by Martini have been vacated in at least three cases appealed by the government. In one drug case the prosecutors are also demanding to have Martini removed for twice imposing a 15-year prison term when 40 years was mandatory.
Martini is exactly the kind of loser you get when the only qualification for a federal judgeship is that of being a longtime lackey for the local politicians in New Jersey.
Martini is 65-years-old as we speak (ca. April 2012) and since his is a lifetime job, he may well be sitting on the bench for another 25 or 30 years or at least until he’s removed in a wooden robe.

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