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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump lies about resurging American Manufacturing


In an ongoing effort to establish himself as the Heavyweight Champion of Lying Buffoons (my sincerest apologies to Lying Buffoons), The Great Leader has repeatedly duped his blue collar supporters by falsely claiming because of him that foreign based American manufacturers were moving their factories back to America and in the process creating thousands upon thousands of new jobs.


In order to dupe the voters into reelecting him in 2020, The Great Leader points to a strong economy as a ringing success for American workers and portrays it as a resurgence in blue collar jobs. (Joe Ragazzo)


Undeniable facts show that the manufacturing sector has undergone two (2) consecutive quarters of shrinkage. In fact, manufacturing lost 5,000 jobs in December 2019 and 12,000 jobs in January 2020. Moreover, in a December 2019 report, the Institute of Supply Management’s manufacturing index displayed the fastest rate of contraction since June 2009.


During his February 2020 State of the Union speech, The Great spoke about a “blue-collar” boom and how he was responsible for restoring the nation’s manufacturing might. However, this sham claim flies in the fact of the fact that he has added fewer jobs than President Obama did, and the final two quarters of 2019 saw manufacturing suffering a recession.


All we must do now is wait for The Great Leader to claim that the folks at the Institute of Supply Management are left wing commies and Trump haters, all of whom need to be investigated by Bill Barr’s Justice Department for treasonous behavior.


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