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Today’s "Judicial Dufus” Award Winner is Justice Samuel Alito


Congratulations to….
Justice Samuel Alito
Today’s "Judicial Dufus” Award Winner
In an ongoing effort to cement his status as a certified “Dufus” and standup comedian Justice Samuel “Sammy the Bull” Alito stood alone among his fellow justices in a decision regarding free speech.
The case involved some lunatics that are members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas that find it acceptable to picket military funerals. They do so by expressing their belief that the deaths of U.S. soldiers are God’s way of punishing the nation for its tolerance of homosexuality.
In my personal opinion this conduct is deplorable and beyond the pail; however, if they were doing the same thing at the funerals of corrupt politicians and/or Judicial/Attorney Misfits, I would find their conduct quite acceptable.
Eight members of the court relied on the First Amendment in ruling that the father of a dead Marine could not prevail in a lawsuit against members of the Church, who picketed his son’s funeral. Put simply, the majority found that free speech is a protected right even when it is obscene.
Sammy countered that church members have countless ways to express their belief that the deaths were attributable to the country’s tolerance of homosexuality. The comedian then said, “It does not follow, however, that they may intentionally inflict severe emotional injury on private persons at a time of intense emotional sensitivity by launching vicious verbal attacks that make no contribution to public debate.

According to Sammy verbal attacks of any kind are not protected by the 1st Amendment unless it contributes to the public debate. Does Sammy’s twisted logic mean that President Obama could sue any and all that have viciously attacked him by stating he’s a communist, Marxist and/or a Hitler Wannabee. Enquiring minds would like to know Sammy Baby!
Congrats Sammy; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing comedic performance; you are far too reserved.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California



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