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Heraldo Rivera: Today’s “Rodney Dangerfield” Award Winner

Congratulations to….
Heraldo Rivera
Today’s “Rodney Dangerfield” Award Winner
In attempting to further his status as an aspiring standup comedian, Heraldo felt compelled to comment on the tragic death of Trayvon Martin in Samford, Florida.
In his appearance on “Fox and Friends,” Heraldo blamed Trayvon Martin for his own death because he was wearing a “hoodie” when George Zimmerman shot and killed him. Heraldo the Humanitarian blamed Trayvon’s parents for letting him go outside wearing a hoodie.
Heraldo the Comic went on to say, “I’m urging parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies. I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.”
Because he was appearing on Fox News, the home of “unbalanced reporting” by “unbalanced reporters,” Geraldo felt compelled to offer warnings to the parents of White children to not allow them to wear pointed white hoods when they go outside.
It should be obvious to anyone that Geraldo’s comedic comments were false. After all, Geraldo received a law degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1969. Therefore, since his lips were moving it cannot be disputed that he was lying.
Congrats Heraldo; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as an unaccomplished standup comedian; you are far too humble.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California

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