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► U.S. Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan of New Orleans; bigoted loser


The state of Texas provided Kyle Stuart Duncan with a la license in 1997 after he graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Law.


President Donald “Trumporleone” Trump was instructed to nominate Kyle for a seat on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals even though he had no prior judicial experience of any kind. Kyle wasn’t nominated because he was the most qualified attorney in the greater New Orleans area. He got it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


Kyle is such a loser that the American Bar Association (ABA) provided him with a unanimous “minimum qualified” rating.


While practicing his brand of law, Kyle defended North Carolina’s egregious voter suppression law that a federal appeals court struck down in 2016, ruling that it discriminated against black voters and “targeted African Americans with almost surgical precision.” Kyle appealed the case to the Supreme Court, calling it “ludicrous” to suggest the law echoed Jim Crow laws. The Supreme Court rejected his appeal. (Jennifer Bendery)


In addition, Kyle He led Hobby Lobby’s Supreme Court fight against covering birth control under its employee health plans, and he claimed the court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized marriage equality, “raises a question about the legitimacy of the Court.”


Every Senate Republican present voted to confirm him, leading one to believe that the majority of their constituent’s support voter suppression when it involves African Americans and that companies and corporations should not provide cover birth control coverage to its employees. However, on the other hand the senators and their constituents apparently support forcing insurers to pay for the purchase of Viagra.


Since Kyle is only 47-years old (DOB: 1972) he could well be on the bench as an unqualified bigot advocating for forty-five or more years.


And lastly, it should be noted that Kyle’s nomination came about due to Judge Richard J. Putnam assuming “senior status” in December 2016. Senior status means that Danny is only required to work 10-hours-a-week while continuing to collect a full salary of $223,700.00.


Also, it should be noted that Putnam was appointed by Ronald Regan in 1983 at 47-years of age. Therefore, he waited to take on senior status in December 2016 in order that his replacement would be appointed by another Republican president, meaning he was and has always been a reliable Republican lackey.


As we speak (ca. September 2019), Kyle the Bigot continues to sit as a judge on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Louisiana.



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