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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump: Today’s “Demented Liar” Award Winner


Shortly after the National Weather Service issued a warning about Hurricane Dorian’s original path, it also issued a map showing the hurricane’s projected path. That map did not show the hurricane doing any damage to Alabama.


In a series of tweets, The Great Leader falsely stated that the Hurricane’s path would cause a direct hit on Alabama. That tweet was as follows:


“In the early days of the hurricane, when it was predicted that Dorian would go through Miami or West Palm Beach, even before it reached the Bahamas, certain models strongly suggested that Alabama & Georgia would be hit as it made its way through Florida & to the Gulf.”


Immediately after he made this false statement, the Birmingham, Alabama office of the National Weather Service issued a news alert debunking The Great Leader’s falsehoods.  


After the media exposed him for being a liar about Dorian and Alabama, The Great Leader did what he always does when caught lying, he attacked the truthtellers that exposed him as lying lunatic. In so doing, he said:

  • “In the one model through Florida, the Great State of Alabama would have been hit or grazed.”
  • “In the path it took, no. Read my FULL FEMA statement”
  • “What I said was accurate! All Fake News in order to demean!”

When these sham fabrications failed to reduce and/or eliminate the spanking he was receiving from the press for lying about Dorian and Alabama, The Great Leader then decided to speak to the country from the Oval Office.


During his speech, The Great Leader had the chutzpah to present to the American people a doctored National Weather Service map of the trajectory of the hurricane, which now had a half-circle drawn with a Sharpie showing the hurricane traveling through Alabama.


  • After being outed as a lying fabricator of the doctored map, The Great Leader made the following laughable statement to the press.
  • “They actually gave that a 95 percent chance probability [of hitting Alabama].”
  • “It turned out that that was not what happened; it made the right turn up the coast.”
  • “But Alabama was hit very hard, and was going to be hit very hard, along with Georgia.”

As usual, The Great Leader never provided any evidence that the National Weather Service or any like agency ever said there was a 95% chance that Alabama was going to be her very hard.


In The Great Leader’s demented mind, the following is either accurate or is an alternate fact.

  • 95% is almost the same as zero percent
  • Lying isn’t the same as not telling the truth

What kind of fool would doctor a weather map in order to cover up for his original falsehood that the hurricane was going to cause damage to Alabama?


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