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Former Judge James W. Bates, Jr. of Seattle; serial pervert

While sitting on the bench in Seattle Judge James W. Bates, Jr. was found guilty of the following misconduct by the Judicial Commission.
Court Employee No. 1
For a period of about six-years in the mid-1980s, Jim maintained a sexual relationship and lived with a court employee who was under his daily supervision. Apparently, she was under Jimmy in more than one way if ya know what I mean.
At first, the sexual liaison was consensual; however, the employee felt the relationship continued as a result of threats by Jim to terminate her employment. Wow, a novel twist to “you’re fired for laying down on the job!
At the beginning of the sexual tryst, Jimmy asked her to perform sexual acts upon him in his chambers. 
The commission alleged that Jim made sexual comments to the court employee regarding autopsy photographs and other evidence in murder cases. It appears that Jim may have been getting off looking at dead bodies. How disgusting!
Charges re: Female Court Employee No. 2
In the early eighties, Jim developed a courthouse relationship with another female court employee. He made comments of a sexual nature to her while she was working at the courthouse. On one occasion Jimmy sent her a graphic article from a medical journal through the courthouse mail system. 
Jim also suggested to her that she might find autopsy photos in a gruesome double murder case exciting (apparently he did) or interesting, and alluded to evidence regarding sex that was presented as evidence during the murder trial. What a Pig! Well, I’m really not being fair to Pigs, right?
Charges re: Female Court Employee No. 3
In the mid to late eighties, Jim told another lady who was under his direct supervision that, he dreamt of marrying her and having children.
When she told Jim she wasn’t interested, he fired her. Seemingly, she didn’t understand the judicial rule that says, “You gotta give a little, to get a little (paycheck).”
Commission’s Findings
Jim told the commission that he was going to change his behavior. As we know sexual perverts hardly ever change their behavior. The only thing that changes is the names of their victims! As expected, these buffoons bought Jim’s line of bull!
Jim recognized he shouldn’t have acted as he did; however, since his conduct did not take place in a public setting, this should be considered a mitigating factor.   
How asinine is this? He was forcing at least one female employee to service him in chambers. I get it!  As long as Jim didn’t demand that these services be performed in public during a murder trial it’s a point in his favor. Is this cool or what?
Jim recognized that a full-blown hearing would likely re-open wounds of the families of crime victims (murder cases wherein Jim got off looking at autopsy photos). Again, the idiots at the commission give Jim credit. What a bunch of humanitarians!
As a consequence of his egregious misconduct the apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Washington Supreme Court punished Jimmy by gifting him with a 30-day suspension without pay.
It should be noted that Jimmy the Comic agreed to take personal responsibility for his perverted conduct. Isn’t that just special?

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