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Is ex-Judge Bryce Bartu of Nebraska a disgusting pervert? Dern Tootin he is!!

In early 2004, Judge Bryce Bartu (aka, The Perv) was forced to resign as a result of irrefutable evidence proving he was a certified and unrepentant Judicial Pervert (JP).
In 1996, court reporter Debbie Keslar sued Judge Bryce Bartu (aka, “Rasputin”) for sexual harassment. The harassment included Rasputin repeatedly touching her buttocks as she entered the courtroom, asking her to sit in his lap, pressing her to come to his hotel room at a court convention, watching her home (aka, criminal stalking) and commenting on who entered and left her home, and walking into her home unannounced without knocking (aka, criminal trespassing). 
During the course of the litigation it became public knowledge that the Nebraska Commission on Judicial Qualifications had received numerous complaints about Rasputin’s perverted conduct over 25-years but had never taken any action. Surprised?
That’s 25-years folks, of the Judicial Industry in Nebraska acquiescing in Rasputin’s egregious and perverted misconduct, thereby encouraging him to continue to so act, which he of course cheerfully did.
Nebraska Sexual Harassment Policy Excludes Judges
It was revealed that the Nebraska Supreme Court’s Workplace Harassment policy (which included sexual harassment) was never made applicable to the conduct of its exalted judges. Why do you think the Justices of the Nebraska Supreme Court exempted themselves and all other Judicial Misfits from rules prohibiting sexual harassment? Think it was just an honest oversight? Yeah, sure it was! Just like Jeffrey Dahmer’s to offer a vegetarian side-dish to his dinner guests was!
As a court reporter, Ms. Keslar had no “grievance rights” under the Nebraska Supreme Court’s personnel rulesPut simply, the misogynists and unapologetic enablers for egregious judicial misconduct in Nebraska felt that it was acceptable for the good ol’ boy judges in Nebraska to treat female employees as their personal toys.
Come on Boys and Girls, do ya really think that any of these practicing misogynists would have even considered hiring any of the following gals despite their qualifications?
  • Moms Mabley
  • Phyllis Diller
  • Minnie Pearl
  • Lily Tomlin
  • Rosie O’Donnell (On second thought, Rosie might have straightened out these fools, right?)
After nearly four years of bitter litigation, Ms. Keslar’s sexual harassment lawsuit verses Rasputin and the Nebraska Court system was settled on the eve of trial with the State of Nebraska (aka, overburdened taxpayers) agreed to pay an undisclosed lump sum. I’m sure it was several-hundred-thousand dollars at a minimum. Well worth the price for the taxpayers of Nebraska to pay to protect perverts like Judge Bryce Bartu, right?
Three days after the commission authorized its attorney to draft a complaint against Rasputin, he suffered an alleged stroke. How convenient was that? An unreliable source indicated it came about while he was surfing for porn on his court computer.
Shortly before the scheduled hearing on the complaint, the commission allowed Rasputin to take a disability retirement and then “dismissed” all misconduct charges against him. Put simply, Rasputin was never disciplined for his perverted misconduct. He was merely allowed to retire and screw the Nebraska taxpayers for the next 20-30 years by collecting an undeserved disability pension. Is Nebraska a great country or what?
An unreliable source indicated that after his forced retirement, Judge Bartu was gainfully employed as a film editor for “Girls Gone Wild.”

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