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Former Judge Charles Cope of Clearwater, FL; pervert, misogynist

The Florida Supreme Court presented Charles Cope with a law license in 1975.
During his rather insignificant tenure on the bench, the Florida Judicial Commission charged and found Charlie the Perv guilty of the following misconduct.
While attending a judicial conference at taxpayer expense in exotic Carmel, California, Chuck met a 64-year old doctor and her 31-year-old daughter Lisa who was a veterinarian while in a drunken stupor.
Later, Chuck took a walk on the beach with Lisa and tried to kiss her repeatedly, which terrified her and caused her to flee. Chuck then used a key he stole from Lisa’s room and tried to enter her room. While her mother was calling police, Lisa looked through the peephole and saw Chucky. 
Chuck was arrested and charged with battery, prowling, peering into an inhabited dwelling (peeping Tom), aggravated trespassing and petty theft. 
Criminal dispensation compliments of DA
Luckily for Chuck, his criminal case was assigned to Monterey County Deputy DA Lisa Poll. Lisa agreed to dismiss the five criminal counts against Chuck upon his agreement to plead guilty to public intoxication and pay a fine of $1,000. 
In a lame attempt to defend the “special deference” she provided to Chuck, Lisa said she dismissed the counts because of the potential burden to the victims as well as the cost to fly them in from New York. 
Judge Cope’s Hyperbolic (BS) Defense
In defending his conduct to the Judicial Commission, Chuck had the chutzpah to claim that Lisa was the real sexual predator, thereby meaning that Chucky was actually a “saint.”
Does anyone actually believe that Lisa and her mother traveled from New York to Carmel so that Lisa could volunteer to be sexually abused by Chucky? I’m not aware that there was a shortage of judicial perverts in New York that were eminently qualified to so act.  
Chuck’s punishment
After his “Rasputinesque” routine in Carmel, Chucky went on administrative leave with pay; thereby pocketing over $150,000 in pervert pay (PP). While in Carmel, Chucky received a daily stipend of $500 for stalking, assaulting and peeping at Lisa and her Mom.  
Chuck sues victims
Not satisfied with victimizing Lisa in Carmel, Chucky then sued her in Monterey County by claiming she defamed him and that he lost judicial wages as a result. 
Chucky’s lawsuit was a total sham because he never lost any judicial wages, and his claim that he was never charged with a crime is also a lie. 
Shortly after these facts were brought to the attention of the Florida Supreme Court and the Legislature, Chucky resigned when it was clear he would be impeached. 
As we speak (ca. Feb 2012) Charlie’s law license has been suspended by the Florida Supreme Court. He is apparently hiding out somewhere in Clearwater and/or Kalamazoo, Michigan.  

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