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U.S. Appeals Judge Edith Clement of New Orleans; pompous ideologue


The state of Alabama provided Edith Brown Clement with a law license in 1969 after she graduated from Tulane University School of Law.


Former president George W. Bush was duped into nominating Edith to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in 2001. Edith wasn’t nominated because she was the most qualified attorney in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. She was nominated because she had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


In one matter, civil rights attorney Jim Harrington of Austin, filed a j udicial misconduct complaint against Edith charging her with making inappropriate partisan and disrespectful attacks on other federal judges in a dissenting opinion.


In his April 2019 ethics complaint, Harrington notes that the underlying case of Thomas v. Bryant related to the 2018 Voting Rights Act that alleged gerrymandering of boundaries of a Mississippi state senate district that intentionally diluted African Americans’ voting strength. (Angela Morris)


After conducting a bench trial, U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves ruled that the Mississippi legislature was guilty of gerrymandering one or more districts to the disadvantage of African American voters. In doing so, he ordered the state legislature to redraw district lines; however, when it failed to so act, he entered a judgment ordering the adoption of a state senate district map that was drawn up by the plaintiff’s experts.


Subsequently, the Mississippi legislature appealed Judge Reeves’ ruling to the 5th Circuit. In a 2 to 1 ruling, the Court upheld Judge Reeves’ ruling but allowed for a temporary stay on his order to allow time for the Mississippi legislature to draw a new district map.


In her thirst to further prove that she is a dyed-in-the-wool bigot, Judge Clement issued a contemptuous dissent wherein she criticized the majority’s ruling to not to grant a complete stay to prevent adoption of new district boundaries prior to the upcoming election.


Harrington’s misconduct complaint refers to Clements’ partisan, insulting, egregious and unnecessary comments aimed at the other judges. She went on to falsely claim that the Mississippi legislature had bad luck drawing a “majority-minority panel” of appellate judges. Harrington went on to say the following in his complaint.

  • The false statements falsely, harshly, and disrespectfully assumed that Judges Costa and Dennis decided the case not on the merits, but on partisan considerations, simply because they were appointed by Democratic presidents.”
  • “Judge Clement’s misconduct is serious.”
  • “It serves to undermine the public respect for the federal judiciary that is critically important for the continued success of our judicial system.”

It is undisputed that Edith is a right-wing ideologue that has absolutely no business sitting in judgment of anyone or anything. In truth, Edith is not in the business of dispensing justice but is in the business of “dispensing with justice.”


And lastly, Edith is aware that no federal judge has ever been removed from the bench for engaging in the biased conduct as set forth above. Therefore, we can expect more of the same from Imperious Edith.


As we speak (ca. July 2019), Edith continues to sit as a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals judge in New Orleans, Louisiana.



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