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Judge Richard Albritton, Jr. of Florida; pervert, misogynist

Judge Richard Albritton, Jr. of Panama City (aka, Big Dick), not to be confused with “Big Dick” Cheney) is one big-time scumbag (my apologies to scumbags) as you’ll see below.
In May 2005, the Florida Judicial Commission (a well-known enabler and apologist for judicial misfits) charged Judge Richard Albritton, Jr.  with 36 ethical violations, some of which are as follows:
  • ·Ordered a defendant to attend church 
  • ·Asked lawyers for gifts, invitations to lunch, parties and hunting outings (aka, bribes)
  • ·Humiliated females in his courtroom
  • ·Told an 18-year-old how attractive she was before giving her a lenient sentence
  • ·Often said, “Women should be at home with their kids.”
  • ·Told a young woman she “needed to close her legs and stop having babies.”
  • ·Was often late to hearings and trials
  • ·Ordered 15 minute recesses and didn’t return for 1-2 hours
  • ·Told Family Services how he was going to rule and how they should present a case if they didn’t like the parents
  • ·Put a young mother in a holding cell for most of the day because she couldn’t recall what her address was
  • ·When a pregnant teenage girl wouldn’t tell him who the father was, he ordered her jailed until she did tell.
  • ·Asked a black attorney what church she attended and remarked that “your people helped to get me elected,” and later said, “Ms. Melton, I just spent the whole day with your people
  • They were in here acting ugly. They must be your people as the last name was Melton.”
  • ·Told attorney Simpson’s husband that you do not have a high opinion of female lawyers
  • ·Told an attorney “If your client doesn’t plead, I’m going to revoke your client’s bail.”
  • ·To avoid the ban on ex parte communications, allowed public defenders to send investigator, Jerry Glass to talk with him about pending cases because he wasn’t an attorney
  • ·At a party in 2004, accepted a $150 gift certificate for Wal-Mart from Jerry Glass
  • ·Asked parents if they were using drugs and if they said no, ordered a drug test on the spot, and if it came back positive, he’d hold them in contempt and jail them
  • ·Asked an attorney, “Ms. Simpson are you taking us to lunch today?” She responded, “I guess so,” and she ended up paying $100 for eight people including Dick
When a staff attorney advised Judge Richard Albritton, Jr. that his order that a defendant attend church was unconstitutional, Big Dick said, “I know that’s unenforceable, but the defendant doesn’t know it.” Now ain’t that just special?
Judge Richard Albritton, Jr. made the following extortionist demand of Ms. Simpson by telling her, “You’ve heard they’re giving me a party. We need people to donate money and you need to give $100 to Jerry Glass,” an investigator for the Public Defender’s office. The next day she wrote a check to Glass.
Judge Richard Albritton, Jr. and the enablers and apologists on the Florida Judicial Commission entered into an agreement wherein Dick received a public reprimand, a thirty-day suspension from office, and a $5000 fine, which seven of the nine justices agreed was acceptable. Doesn’t that just make ya feel confident that justice is really being dispensed in Florida rather than “dispensed with?”
The members of Florida’s so-called Judicial Qualifications Commission, an impotent group of enablers if there ever was one could care less about the quality of justice being dispensed in Florida. Obviously, their sole concern is to protect judicial misfits like Judge Richard Albritton, Jr.  The same is true of the seven Supreme Court Justices who agreed that Big Dick was well-qualified to sit on the bench in Panama City.
As is the case when dealing with Judicial Misfits, the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission punished Judge Richard Albritton, Jr. by giving him a complimentary reprimand. On behalf of Judge Richard Albritton’s victims, this Dawg hereby wishes to express his sincerest gratitude for the extreme punishment Y’all dispensed to the Dishonorable Judge Richard Albritton, Jr.
Believe it or not folks, this celebrated “dirt-bag” continues to sit on the bench in Panama City. Is that like cool or what?



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