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Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth: Today’s “Mysoginistic Lunatic” Award Winner


Will succeeded in duping the voters in Alabama into electing as Lieutenant Gov. in November 2018. Prior to this success, Will was a Member of the Alabama House of Representatives from the 27th District.


Willy is well-known and highly disrespected right-wing kook and religious zealot who believes he has an absolute right to ride roughshod over the productive rights of women in Alabama.


In April 2019, the Loons and Misogynists in the Alabama House of Representatives passed House Bill 314 that made abortion a Class A felony, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 99 years, and attempted abortion a Class C felony, which holds a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. This asinine and clearly unconstitutional law makes no exceptions for rape or incest.


When the bill was sent over to the Senate for passage, one of more Democrats offered an amendment that would allow for abortions in the case of incest or rape. When this amendment was under discussion, Willy went bonkers.


In his position in presiding over the Alabama Senate, Willy called for a voice vote on removal of the amendment making exceptions for rape and incest before anyone else in the chamber had a chance to object, discuss, or demand a roll-call vote.


Apparently, when Willy attended High School in Boaz and Auburn University, neither one offered any classes in civics. This explains his willingness to violate the rules, protocol and the due process rights of those who opposed exceptions for rape and incest. Therefore, it is obvious that Willy believes that “due process” is the means by which the grass becomes moist in the am.


It surely would have been nice and construed as a civic duty had Willy’s mother Sharon opted for an abortion sometime in August 1980. If she had, we wouldn’t be subject to having this kook in an official governmental position to try and force his moronic views on everyone else.


And lastly, as it relates to a woman’s right to choose, I’m in full support of what my late father said many years ago, which is:


“If I didn’t impregnate the woman, its none of my damn business.”



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