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Delaware, Ohio Judge Henry Shaw, Jr. – a truly respectable jurist


In this Dawg’s opinion and experience, Judge Henry Shaw, Jr. is the “poster boy” for what we should expect and demand from our judges.
Delaware, Ohio was previously a farming community but has for the most part now turned into an upscale bedroom community for the upper-middle class and is a suburb of Columbus.
Several years have passed since I’ve been in the presence of Judge Henry Shaw Jr. I certainly do miss the opportunity to be in his presence. Judge Henry Shaw Jr. is without doubt one of the finest, and I mean finest jurists I have ever had the pleasure of appearing before.
On my first visit to Judge Henry Shaw’s courtroom in Delaware, the following colloquy took place:
Judge Shaw:       Mr. Palmer, would you be kind enough to tell the court what law firm you practice with?
Mr. Palmer:        Your Honor, I’m not an attorney. However, if you were to refer to me as one in the future, I would have to consider suing you for defamation.
Now understand that I had no clue as to whether or not Judge Henry Shaw, Jr. had a sense of humor. Fortunately for me he did!
It would take several pages to fully describe the conduct of Judge Henry Shaw Jr. that convinced me he was truly a giant ethically and intellectually. Suffice to say that the consistent conduct of Judge Henry Shaw Jr. during the years I appeared in his court were quite satisfying and led me to fully appreciate that yes indeed there were honest brokers amongst Ohio’s judiciary.
How I miss ol’ Henry. He was indeed and continues to be an inspiration to what all of us should expect and demand from those empowered to judge us. Hopefully, I’ll run into Henry on one of my frequent trips to Columbus to visit my daughter and grandsons.



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