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Former Judge Mark Demming of Tacoma, WA; potty mouth pervert

During the time he sat on the bench in Tacoma Judge Mark Demming was found guilty of the following misconduct by the Judicial Commission.

Mark is not only an accomplished sexual deviate, he’s a well-respected adulterer, homophobe, misogynist, perjurer, liar, and delights in demeaning/torturing teenage boys and anyone else unfortunate enough to enter into his chamber of horrors (courtroom). And these are just his good points!

Sexual Comments

The following are examples of Mark making obscene sexual comments to female court staff.
  1. Told intern Carolyn Lee, “Would you come into my chambers and take off you clothes and bend over.”
  2. Told intern Ann Ryan, “Our professional relationship would be a lot better if you didn’t treat me as a sex object.” 
  3. When Cathy Ruckle came into chambers he said, “I really want you, why don’t we go to Seattle tonight.”
  4. When Ms. Ruckle came into the courtroom he told a DA, “Ms. Ruckle’s here for a quickie.”
  5. Told Pierce County DA Margaret Ross, “I’m thinking about you, let’s run off someplace.”
  6. Told intern Pam Studeman, “Oh, Pam, what your body does to me.”
  7. On three occasions told probation officer Pam Tourtlotte that “he wanted to touch her,” and once chased her around his desk saying he wanted to touch her.
  8. In open court, told prosecutor Kitty-Ann van Doornink “I’d really like to jump your bones.”
Sexual Assaults
Hugged clerk Debbie D’Alessio; undid her bra strap, and then said “I guess I haven’t lost my touch.”
Frequently touched Ms. Wilkerson inappropriately, and made sexual comments like “thanks for last night.”
Illicit affair while married and perjury
Mark carried on an affair with probation officer Brenda Poole while he was married (What’s new?). In spite of the relationship, Mark continued to rule on cases involving Ms. Poole.
Subsequently, Brenda was fired for: (a) her relationship with Mark; (b) insubordination; (c) abuse of her relationship with Mark; and (d) dereliction of duty.  
After the firing, Brenda applied for unemployment compensation. Mark, under penalty of perjury, signed a statement saying she was fired “due to her involvement in bringing problems within her department to the attention of the judges.” Based on Mark’s perjured statement, Brenda received unemployment compensation payments. 
Mark delighted in repeatedly threatening to imprison defendants if they committed perjury. In fact, he threatened to report them to the prosecutor. However, Mark’s perjured statements did not result in him being criminally charged. 
Disparaging comments in court
Mark made the following comments to defendants appearing before him in open court. (There’s more!)
  1. In dismissing a case, he called the defendant a “slimy worm.” (Takes one to know one!)
  2. When a 16-year-old appeared for driving w/o a license, Mark asked if he had ever been to prison. He said no. In a crowded courtroom, he told him about a guy in prison “who now gets valentine cards from guys, you know what I mean.” 
  3. The next case involved a 250-pound burly black defendant. After telling him he’d go to prison if he perjured himself, Mark said, “do me a favor; promise me you’ll take care of that kid (16-year-old) if you go to prison.” (I know someone that might do all of us a favor and take “special care” of Mark.)
  4. In a driving w/o a license case, Mark threatened to send the defendant to the Western State Mental Hospital if he didn’t get his license in 4-months. 
  5. In a DWI case, Mark told the defendant “you are going to do one day in jail and if you violate any of these provisions you get valentines from boys, in Pierce County Jail you get a “boyfriend.”
The Broken Leg Defendant
A defendant was charged for driving on a suspended license. He had a broken leg and asked Mark to be released so he could get some medical attention. Mark said Okay but if you don’t show up, I’ll issue a warrant. 
He then said “If I issue a warrant this court has two warrant officers… Will you look at the two of them? You can bet they’re going to do something with you, and then something’s going to happen to your leg. 
I’ll be in no hurry to set your trial date – and it will be a fair trial and all that stuff – you’ll be found guilty and I’m going to sentence you to the maximum sentence.     Why go through the drill. But that’s what’s in store for you. That is called the script.”
As a consequence of his misconduct the Judicial Commission recommended to the Supreme Court that Mark be removed, a result that Mark absolutely knew was coming. However, being the coward he was, Mark resigned rather than face removal.

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