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Former Rep. Michelle Bachman: Today’s “Moronic Trump Ass-Kisser” Award Winner 


This isn’t the first award presented to Michele. In the past she has been the recipient of thirty-four (34) awards in various categories and the subject of seven (7) opinion pieces. Those awards and opinion pieces are listed at the end of this article.


Michelle is another in a long list of loser attorneys such as Laura Ingraham, Geraldo Rivera, Mark Levin and Hugh Hewitt that decided to go into politics and/or political punditry after learning how difficult it was to earn a dishonest living practicing law after she graduated in from Oral Roberts University School of Law. Therefore, she decided to go into the second most ethical profession (used car salesman No. 1), politics and political punditry.   


In a concerted effort to prove her loyalty to The Great Leader, Michelle made the following comments during an interview on “Understanding the Times” Comedy show.

  • “There has never seen a more biblical president than President Donald Trump.”
  • “He is highly biblical, and I would say to your listeners, we will in all likelihood never see a more godly, biblical president again in our lifetime.”
  • “So, we need to be not only praying for him, we need to support him, in my opinion, in every possible way that we can.”

The most “highly biblical president in our lifetime,” Michelle? I don’t’ what in the hell Bible you are speaking of but I’m sure that the following biblical accomplishments of The Great Leader won’t be found in the Catholic, Evangelical or Lutheran bibles.

  • Screwing a porn star
  • Being married three times
  • Fraud involving Trump University
  • Lying over 9,000 times from Jan 20, 2017 thru March 2019
  • Having 11-month sexual affair with playboy model after youngest son is born
  • Admitting to cheerfully “grabbing women by the pussy”
  • Engaging in Serial Adultery

I haven’t had time to check the history of all the persons that have been granted sainthood by various Popes, but as of now I’ve not been able to find anyone with the Trump outstanding attributes as set forth above.

  1. Bullshit Award Winner = 2
  2. Dumbo Award Winner = 2
  3. Homophobe Award Winner = 2
  4. Liar Award Winner = 2
  5. Lunatic Award Winner = 7
  6. Moron Award Winner = 5
  7. Screwball Award Winner = 4
  8. Tina Fey Award Winner = 9
  9. Will Central American children be used for medical experiments? – Art. 12 Lunatic Awards
  10. Now that Michelle Bachman has withdrawn, there’s only 6 Clowns left: Art.118 Dawg Opinions
  11. Michelle Bachman: Tea Bagger Embarrassment: Art. 119 Dawg Opinions
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  13. Rep. Michelle Bachman accuses Obama of demonizing BP: Art.121 Dawg Opinions
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