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Former Judge Ralph G. Turco of Tacoma; wife beater, misogynist

While sitting on the bench in Tacoma, the Judicial Commission charged Judge Ralph G. Turco with the following misconduct.

Seven (7) days after he was admonished by the Commission for displaying a cavalier attitude for victims of spousal abuse, Ralph and his wife attended a dinner and play at Wells Hall at the Christ Episcopal Church in Tacoma.

While entering the church, Ralph and his wife got into an argument. He then intentionally struck his wife, knocking her to the floor. After knocking her down, he walked away making no effort to assist her or apologize. Why should Ralph have apologized; after all, the bitch got what she damned well deserved, right Ya Honor?
Ralph’s answer to assaulting his wife
Ralph denied assaulting his wife and laughingly denied that the incident took place in a “public setting,” even though he admitted other persons were present.
Ralph said the Commission had to prove he intended to assault his wife and that “any contact was not accidental.” Sure, she just accidentally hit the floor, and your fist just accidentally hit her face. 
Ralph the Serial Misogynist
Ralph was also admonished for making injudicious (what a bullshit term) comments regarding two domestic violence matters, as well as disrespectful statements for domestic violence laws and lack of concern for victims of domestic violence. 
In one case wherein the defendant was found guilty of assaulting his wife, Ralph said, “… you didn’t need to bite her. Maybe you needed to boot her in the rear end, but you didn’t need to bite her.”
In another case where the defendant was also found guilty of assaulting his wife while forcibly removing her from an apartment where drugs were being used, Ralph said, “Fifty years ago I suppose they would have given you an award … rather than what we’re doing now.”
In yet another matter where the defendant was charged with four counts of assaulting his wife in contravention of a protective order, Ralph made the following comments to the city prosecutor, “My opinion is that the police do 95% of the work when they separate the parties, so that takes care of 95% of the problem. You know, all we’re doing is slapping someone after the police have remedied the situation. But, so be it. So I mean there’s nothing to get excited about dismissing these cases.” 
Why get excited, he only assaulted her four times and she deserved each one of them, just like your wife did, right Ralphie Baby?
Gender bias training
The Supreme Court ordered Ralph to attend a class in “cultural diversity or gender bias” training. Alternatively, Ralph was ordered to attend a program on “domestic violence.” 
Gender bias and domestic violence training? The damn fool had already proven he was biased against women. In addition, he was a well-respected and accomplished wife-beater; therefore, attending these classes would be redundant, right?
Ralph “The Comic’s” defense
Ralph demanded that the charges be dismissed and that the Commission take affirmative steps to advise the public of the dismissal so he could have a modicum of his honor and integrity restored. Give me a break Ralphie! What honor and integrity are you speaking of? Oh, I see . . . the honor and integrity that is regularly bestowed on judicial misfits, batterers and misogynists.
The enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Washington Surpeme Court punished Ralph by merely suspending him for six months rather than follow the recommendations of the Judicial Commission that he be removed from the bench.
It is rumored that Ralph is currently employed as a Domestic Violence Instructor at the Charlie Sheen Institute for Marital Bliss located in Hollywood.

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