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U.S. Judge Maryanne Trump Barry of New Jersey; cheater, tax scofflaw


The state of New York provided Maryanne Trump Barry with a law license in 1974 after he 

graduated from Hofstra University School of Law.


Former President Ronald Regan was duped into appointing Maryanne as a District Court judge in New Jersey 1983. Maryanne didn’t receive the appointment because she was the most qualified attorney in the LA area. She received it because she had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


It should be noted that after being appointed to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia in 1999, she decided to assume senior status in 2011. As a senior status judge, Maryanne was only required to work 10 hours a week in order to be assigned court staff and would still receive a full yearly salary of $145,000.00. If she had retired in 1999, her lifetime pension would have been $145,000.00 a year. However, by hanging around and basically doing nothing to justify her salary, her lifetime pension is now pegged at $220,600.00.


If you’re a government employee, wouldn’t you love to take on senior status after ten years of service and only be required to work 10 hours a week? Sorry, this obscene largess is only available to the U.S. judiciary.


In early April 2019, Maryanne discovered that the Judicial Commission was investigating her conduct involving a tax avoidance scheme wherein he and her family, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump, Elizabeth Trump Grau and Robert Trump accrued millions in additional wealth from their father’s real estate empire by participating in dubious tax scams in the 1990s.


The investigation of Maryanne was looking into misconduct that related to tax and financial transactions that she was personally involved in along with her siblings.


Rather allow the investigation to proceed to a conclusion that likely would have proved she was a tax cheat; Maryanne took the coward’s way out and resigned from the bench. In resigning, Maryanne knew for a fact that the investigation would come to a screeching halt.


As we speak (ca. April 2019), Maryanne is enjoying her $220,600.00 federal pension and fully paid health insurance while she wines and dines with her fellow socialites in the New York City area.


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