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9th Circuit Appeals Judge Jerome Farris; stupid crook  

Judge Jerome Farris of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals was appointed to the court in 1979 by Jimmy Carter.
In 1995, Judge Jerome Farris opted to take on the status of senior appellate judge. This resulted in Judge Jerome Farris continuing to receive 100% of an appellate judge’s annual salary; however, with the caveat that his average work week (statistics for Federal Court Administrator) would between 6 and 10 hours.
In August 2002, Judge Jerome Farris ordered his gardner to cut down 120 big-leaf maple and indigenous cherry trees situated in a public park near his home. An investigation determined that the 40-year-old trees were destroyed on Judge Jerome Farris’ orders in order to improve Jerry’s view of Lake Washington.
Judge Jerome Farris had the audacity in defending his criminal conduct by saying that the unauthorized logging was the result of a misunderstanding with his gardner. Oh sure it was a Jerome! Just like Jimmy “The Weasel” Fratianno innocently misinterpreting instructions from John Gotti to “merely rough up a few guys” after “The Weasel” whacked them all.
Of course in keeping with the high standards of conduct imposed on the judiciary, Judge Jerome Farris was never punished for his criminal and/or quasi-criminal conduct. Surprised?
It is rumored that Judge Jerome Farris has been permanently prohibited from setting foot in any National or State Park for the balance of his miserable life. In addition, he apparently received a rather nasty (expletive filled) letter from Smokey the Bear. Cool - go Bears!
Even though Judge Jerome Farris is almost 80-years-old and was eligible to retire in 1999 with an annual pension of $145,000, he has refused to do so. It would appear that Judge Jerform Farris will only retire after Congress increases an appellate judges salary from $179,500 by at least 30% or even 50%. This would mean that Judge Jerome Farris could then receive an annual pension of between $234,000 and $270,000.


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