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Former Judge Billy Ray Brown of Rankin County, MS; die-in-the-wool misogynist

While sitting on the Court in Rankin County, Judge Billy Ray Brown was found guilty of the following misconduct.
A criminal complaint for spousal assault was filed against Billy Ray’s son Michael alleging he had pushed his wife Alison to the floor and kicked her with his boots. At the scene Deputy Sheriff Justin Evans found broken glass and Alison with blood on her shirt and a swollen face.
Shortly after the arrest, Billy called Justin Holifield, the adult detention officer, and told him to release Michael. Holifield testified that he complied because “I have to do what a judge tells us.”
Billy Extorts Concessions from Deputy Evans
Later on Billy told Deputy Evans that he wanted to speak to him. When Evans arrived at Billy’s office he found Michael was present. Billy then told him that it would be in his best interest to drop the charges.
Although Evans refused to drop the charges, he agreed to “remand” the charges to the file which meant they would not be pursued. Evans testified that had Billy not intervened, he would not have remanded the charges against Michael but would have “seen them through.” 
Billy confronts Prosecutor Wilson
Billy also confronted assistant prosecutor Richard Wilson and told him “I want this dismissed.” When Wilson realized the case was against Billy’s son, he refused. Billy insisted two more times that Wilson dismiss the charges, and he refused both demands and left the courtroom.
When Michael was again charged with beating his wife, Billy approached Court Clerk Kristie Pyles and ordered her to hold the file rather than follow normal procedure and place it on Judge Redfern’s desk. 
Victim of Wife Beating
Alison Brown became upset that she could not get any results from the court. She learned that no warrant was issued after Michael’s second assault on her and that the case had been “remanded” to the file. 
Subsequently Alison filed a complaint against Billy with the Judicial Commission. In October, Billy contacted her and demanded that she drop the charges she had filed. 
Alison refused, and told Billy she believed he “abused his power as a judge to help his son.” Alison testified, “He told me that if I came after his job that he was coming after mine.” This is defined as extortion, right?
Billy’s defenses
Billy had the temerity to demand that the Supreme Court take into consideration the character of his judicial service (what character?) and his commitment to fairness (limited to familial wife-beaters only).
An unreliable source indicated that Billy is currently employed as a Family Law Specialist at the Charlie Sheen Institute for Marital Bliss located in West Hollywood.

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