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Fox guest Mark Steyn: Today’s “Misogynistic Moron” Award Winner


This isn’t the first Award presented to Mark. In the past, he has been the recipient of three (3) Awards in various categories. Those awards are listed at the end of this article.


It should be noted that Mark is an immigrant from England who migrated to Canada. Mark is devoted right-wing Screwball, Misogynist and Congenital Liar. He is also a High School dropout. Mark ended his education at age 16 while attending the King Edward’s School in Birmingham, United Kingdom.


Realizing he could make a dishonest living by mimicking Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh, Michael “Wiener” Savage, and Sean Hannity, Mark embarked on a career as a right-wing loony radio jock in Canada.


During a recent (ca. March 2019) episode of the Tucker Carlson Comedy Show, Mark decided to further prove that he’s one of America’s Leading Liars, Lunatics, Screwballs, Bigots, Misogynists and Aspiring Standup Comedian, and those are just a few of his good points in attacking climate change.


Towards that end, Mark engaged in the following discussion with fellow Misogynistic Moron and Screwball Tucker Carlson about women and science.



Is this the science that you grew up with?


“Well, I confess I was at first skeptical. If I understand this thesis, my insecurities about my masculinity are causing rising sea levels in the Maldives.”

“And at first I didn't really buy that.”

“But as I think about it, I think in fact it's actually one of the least visible climate science theses of recent years.”

“So, I'm kind of on board with where they are going on this.”


“How did we wind up with a country in which feminists do science?”

“I mean, isn't that - we're sort of bound to get a study like this, right?


“I think, in fact, it's very difficult to tell with social science as with climate science whether or not it's an ingenious parody. It's almost impossible to tell in fact.”

 “They're saying that they did a survey here, this is the kind of hard-core science behind it, in which they gave someone a Walmart gift card and it was pink and had lots of flowery patents on it.”

“So, it looked a bit girlie, looked a bit sissy, looked a bit milk toast panty waist.”

“So, the guy given this gift card went out and bought a lot of very macho masculine things that melt the polar ice caps.”

 “Whereas if you give him something - he's so impressionable this toxically masculine male - that if you give him a masculine type card, he just thinks oh that's really nice and he goes out and he buys a Sierra Club tote bag and saves the planet.”

“This is the kind of social science that the higher education institutions of America are spending a fortune investigating.”


As one would suspect, the comments of Steyn and Comrade Tucker totally misrepresent what was said about the science behind global warning. However, in order to appease his low I.Q. followers and fellow Misogynists, The Tuck was required to mock females and especially ones who are highly educated.


This type of misogyny is exactly what appeals to most of Tucker’s audience because they are mostly impotent and very skeptical of any woman who has attended college let alone obtained a master’s or PhD degree.


Fleece-Flocker Award = 2

Public trials for Police Officers equal Lynching: Art. 88 Bullshit Awards


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