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Attorney Horace Gray of Jamaica; ethical troll


The Jamaica Licensing Commission provided Horace Algernon Gray a law license in 1978.


The Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Counsel found Horace guilty of the following misconduct.

  • Engaged in professional misconduct
  • Failed to act with due diligence (slacker)
  • Engaged in deplorable negligence
  • Client suffered serious serious loss as a result of the deplorable negligence on the part of Horace
  • Failed to have the Agreement for Sale stamped and apart from preparing the Agreement for Sale did nothing at all to move the transaction forward leaving it to the client to find out for herself that her transaction was faced with serious problems
  • Failed to engage in proper investigations into the Title for the land to ascertain the Vendor’s right to sell
  • Failed to state the acreage in the Agreement for Sale though knowing the parties both were selling and buying what they thought to be 10 Acres
  • Failed to state the purchase price in reference to a price per acre knowing that the price was $32,500.00 per acre and being aware the acreage was uncertain
  • Failed to stamp the Agreement for Sale
  • Having decided to represent both parties to the sale he failed to give his client adequate protection and paid out purchase money to the Vendor before knowing the area of the land
  • Failed to advise client against agreeing to pay over 75% of the purchase money yet knowing the acreage of the land was uncertain
  • Failed to make provision in the Agreement for what would be the position of the parties if the land turned out to be substantially less than 10 Acres
  • Negligence caused client to end up with land that was useless for the project she had intended to carry out and of which he was aware

As a consequence of his misconduct, the apologists for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Disciplinary Committee punished Tony by ordering that he pay a fine of $400,000.00 ($5,680.00 US) and costs of $50,000.00 ($710.00 US.)


As we speak (ca. April 2019), Horace practices with Horace A. Gray & Associates at Main Street Shopping Plaza in Kingston, Jamaica.


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