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Federal Judges Appointed by JFK with snouts still implanted in public trough

 As I suspect you know, JFK was president from 1961 to Nov 1963. As you’ll see in the textbox below, judges appointed by JFK who remain on the bench have been porking out at the public trough for at least 50 years.
Under federal rules, judges are allowed to take on senior status after serving mere 10-years on the bench. When they do so, they are only required to work 25% of the time, meaning 10-hours-a-week. The beauty of this taxpayer giveaway (aka, Judicial Welfare) is that they continue to get paid 100% of a full time judge’s wages. Is this like cool or what? I’ll bet ya that every other federal employee would love to get in on this act, right?
Unfortunately, these old codgers are unwilling to remove their snouts from the public trough. To suggest that someone who is 104-years-old is capable of sitting in judgment of the good folks in Kansas is absurd.
As I previously predicted, the only way that 104-year-old Judge Wesley Brown was going to be removed from the bench would be when he was donning a “wooden robe,” which took place when he died on Jan 23, 2012.
I don’t agree with too many things put forth by Gov. Rick Perry and/or Newt Gingrich. But one thing I agree on is that the federal judiciary needs to be totally revamped. The first thing on the agenda should be a “mandatory retirement age” of 75 at most.
And secondly, allowing federal judges to take on senior status should be totally eliminated. If these old codgers don’t want to put in a 40-hour workweek, then let them apply for a job as a greeter at a local Sam’s Club.
App. + Yrs.
On Bench
Senior Status
+ Years
DOB- Age
Brown, Wesley 1
1962 = 49 yrs.
1979 = 32 yrs.
1907 = 104
9th Circuit
Browning, James
1961 = 51 yrs
2000 = 12 yrs.
1918 = 94
McManus, Edward
1962 = 50 yrs.
1985 = 27 yrs.
1920 = 92
Nealon, William
1962 = 50 yrs.
1989 = 23 yrs.
1923 = 89
200 years
94 years
1 – Wesley Brown died on Jan 23, 2012

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