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Donald Trump sets new 2 hour record for lying


As of late February 2019, the Washington Post has documented The Great Leader of spewing forth over 9,000 lies and/or misleading claims since he was inaugurated on Jan 20, 201.


During his first year of lying after the election, The Great Leader averaged about 6 lies per day. During his lie fest in 2018, The Great Leader averaged 16.5 lies per day. In the first three months of 2019, The Great Leader has upped his daily lies to an award winner 22 per day.


During his recent (March 2019) 2-hour speech to a bunch of right wing losers at the annual Political Conservative Action Convention, The Great Leader told a whopping 104 lies. This provided him with a World Record setting 52 lies per hour.


If The Great Leader were to spend 4 hours speaking before a group of loyal Trumpsters at a rally in West Virginia 2019, he would have a chance to break his World Record of 52 lies per hour if he were to lie 300 times. Such a world setting fete would bring his hourly lie total to 75.


And lastly, after he reaches 75 lies per hour, how long will it take for him to reach triple figures of 100 to 125 lies per hour? This would likely take place sometime in the middle of 2020.


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