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Justice “This Coke’s for You” Thomas : Today’s “Moronic Trump Ass-Kisser” Award Winner


This isn’t the first Award presented to Clarence. In the past, he has been the recipient of one (1) Award, mentioned in two (2) Awards in various categories and the subject of two (2) opinions and one (1) lament. Those awards, opinion and lament pieces are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


In a never-ending attempt to further prove that he’s the most unqualified person to have ever been nominated as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, Clarence decided to spew forth his moronic idea of how libel laws should be applied when dealing with public figures and/or celebrities.


In a case of a woman who accused Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct in 2014, Clarence criticized the seminal libel case New York Times v. Sullivan, holding that public figures have a higher burden to prove libel by declaring it was wrongly decided. (Tammy Kupperman and Sophie Tatum, CNNIn his written opinion on the case and in his capacity as one of The Great Leader's Criminal Defense Attorneys, Clarence stated:

  • "New York Times and the Court's decisions extending it were policy-driven decisions masquerading as constitutional law.”
  • "If the Constitution does not require public figures to satisfy an actual-malice standard in state-law defamation suits, then neither should we.”

Clarence continued on with his asinine comments by saying:

  • "We did not begin meddling in this area until 1964, nearly 175 years after the First Amendment was ratified.”
  • “The States are perfectly capable of striking an acceptable balance between encouraging robust public discourse and providing a meaningful remedy for reputational harm.”
  • “We should reconsider our jurisprudence in this area."

There is no dispute that Clarence was auditioning for an audience of One and that was Donald “Trumporleone” Trump in hopes that maybe he’d nominate him to become the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court if The Great Leader fires Chief Justice Roberts. The Great Leader spewed forth the following tweets, all of which were parroted by Clarence in his so-called opinion in the Cosby opinion.


In September 2018, The Great Leader tweeted:

  • “Isn’t it a shame that someone can write an article or book, totally make up stories and form a picture of a person that is literally the exact opposite of the fact, and get away with it without retribution or cost.”
  • “Don’t know why Washington politicians don’t change libel laws?”

In a March 2017 tweet, The Great Leader said:

  • "The failing @nytimes has disgraced the media world.”
  • “Gotten me wrong for two solid years.”
  • “Change libel laws?"

Hopefully, The Great Leader and/or one of his designated Toadies or Sycophants has been instructed to reimburse Clarence for the costs he obviously incurred in purchasing a tube of Industrial Strength Chapstick.

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